Season 4, Episode 19: New Moon Rising

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Aired: Tuesday, May 2, 2000

Rating: 2.9

Todd McIntosh, Robin Beauchesne, Douglas Noe, Brigitte Myre-Ellis, and Jay Wejebe have been nominated for a Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Award in the category of Best Special Makeup Effects, Series for this episode.


Written by Marti Noxon
Directed by James A. Contner

Guest starring
Amber Benson as Tara
Leonard Roberts as Forrest
Bailey Chase as Graham
Robert Patrick Benedict
Conor O'Farrell as colonel
George Hertzberg as Adam
Emma Caulfield as Anya
Seth Green as Oz
James Michael Connor as scientist #1
Mark Daneri as scientist #2
Doron Keenan as commando #2

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