Quotes from New Moon Rising

Tara: "I want my room to be Willow-friendly."

Willow: "I'm over-helping, aren't I?"

Xander: "Oz, man, I hate to sound grandma, but you don't call, you don't write...."

Riley: "Oz is a werewolf and Willow was dating him?"
Buffy: "Yes. Hence the high emotions."
Riley: "You're kidding me. I've gotta say, I'm surprised. I didn't think Willow was that kind of girl."
Buffy: "What kind of girl?"
Riley: "Into dangerous guys. She seemed smarter than that."
Buffy: "Oz is not dangerous. Something happened to him that wasn't his fault. God, I never knew you were such a bigot."
Riley: "Whoah, hey, how did we get to bigot? I'm just saying it's a little weird to date someone who tries to eat you once a month."
Buffy: "Yeah, well love isn't logical, Riley. It's not like you can be Mr. Joe-sensible about it all the time. God knows I haven't been."
Riley: "I'm not talking about you."

Willow: "I'll have the less-confusing waffles right now."
Oz: "Breakfast it is."

Buffy: "There are creatures, vampires for example, that aren't evil at all."
Riley: "Name one."

Oz: "Is that her sweater?"
Tara: "I just hope that you guys will be very... happy...."
Oz: "You smell like her. She's all over you, do you know that?"
Tara: "I can't... I... I can't, I can't talk about this."
Oz: "But there's something to talk about? Are you two involved?"
Tara: "I have to go."
Oz: "Because she never said anything to me like that. We talked all night and she never.... Stop! Is she in love with you?! Tell me! Is she...? Run."

Spike: "The thing about the slayer is she is a whiny little thing but when it comes to fighting she does have a slight tendency to win."

Xander: "Anya, you can help by making this a quiet time."

Spike: "Now, now, none of that, or I won't help you get Red's mongrel back."

Buffy: "Stay back or I'll pull a William Burroughs on your leader here."
Xander: "You'll bore him to death with free prose?"
Buffy: "Was I the only one awake in English class that day? I'll kill him."

Buffy: "I have to tell you some stuff... about my past. And it's not all stuff that you're going to like."
Riley: "You can tell me anything."
Buffy: "I think so. I think I can."

Oz: "I just thought I'd changed."
Willow: "You have changed. You stopped the wolf from coming out, I saw it."
Oz: "I couldn't look at you. I mean it turns out, the one thing that brings it out in me is you... which falls under the heading of ironic in my book."
Willow: "It was my fault. I upset you."
Oz: "Well, so we're safe then. 'Cause you'll never do that again. But, you're happy."
Willow: "I am. I can't explain it...."
Oz: "It may be safer for both of us if you don't."

Willow: "No candles? Well, I brought one. It's extra flamey. Tara, I have to tell..."
Tara: "No, I understand, you have to be with the person you love."
Willow: "I am."

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