Quotes from Wild at Heart

"Bad dream?" -Oz
"I guess, but the waking up part makes up for it." -Willow

"You made me jealous of you academically!" -Willow to Buffy

"How come you didn't tell me I look like a crazy birthday cake in this shirt?" -Willow
"I thought that was the point." -Buffy

"Oz just isn't the type to stray." -Buffy
"Not tonight anyway. He'll be locked in a cage." -Willow

"You need to relax." -Veruca
"Not a possibility." -Oz

"Things with Oz are weird, and I talked to Buffy about it, but I think we're in guyville here. I need a translator from the Y side of things." -Willow
"Well, last time I checked I had the creds. Hit me." -Xander
"What does it mean when a girl wants to, you know..." -Willow
"If you're doing it, I think you should be able to say it." -Xander
"Make love." -Willow
"Wild monkey love or tender Sarah McLachlan love?" -Xander

"If it's possible, you seem more monosyllabic than usual." -Buffy to Oz

"I wanted you even before I ever saw you." -Veruca

"Now might be a good time for your trademark stoicism." -Buffy to Oz

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