Synopsis of Wild At Heart

Written by Sara

While walking around campus after dark, Buffy starts chasing a vampire. She eventually stakes it, making a remark to the "fates" that they just aren't trying hard enough. Spike, watching from a distance, makes a comment about it, just before he is zapped By a bunch of guys in army uniforms. He is then carried away.

Later at the Bronze, the gang show up and talk, and are surprised when Giles joins them. The gang is then mesmerized by Veruca's singing with her band "Shy." Willow is uncomfortable about the way Oz watches Veruca.

That morning, Willow wakes up at Oz's, and they discuss his being a wolf on the three nights that Willow is trying out a new Wicca group. At school, Professor Walsh hands back papers, to which Buffy made a better grade than Willow. Professor Walsh asks Buffy to lead a discussion group on he topic, making Willow jealous.

At lunch, Veruca offers to let Willow and Oz sit with her, and Oz agrees. They start talking music talk, mostly about amps, and when Willow joins them, Willow is lost and confused and thinks they are talking about Elvis. Oz and Veruca end up leaving the awkward situation, and Buffy shows up while Willow complains about it, and Buffy tells Willow not to worry because Oz loves her.

That night, the night before the full moon, Oz locks himself in a cage, but later escapes. He attacks Professor Walsh, and is later joined by another werewolf. With the fascination of another werewolf to fight with, Oz forgets about Walsh, and she flees into the bushes.

When he wakes up the next morning, he finds out that the other wolf is Veruca. They go to a laundry room to get clothes, and Oz tries not to feel turned on by her, but he does. Later, Willow goes to visit him, but he isn't in the mood to do anything, so she leaves. Buffy tells Giles about what Professor Walsh told her and Riley about the wolves, and then she asks Oz. Oz claims that he doesn't remember what happened. Desperate to see this from a guys point of view, Willow goes to talk to Xander. Xander tells her to talk to Oz about it.

Oz tells Veruca to come to the crypt that night, with the intent of locking her in with him. Oz finally gets her in. That morning, Willow comes with breakfast to let him out, and she is startled to find Veruca and Oz naked and sleeping with each other.

Oz gets dressed and orders Veruca to leave, and Willow asks him if he wants Veruca more than her. He doesn't answer, and Willow has seen too much, so she flees the crypt crying so hard that on her way home she is almost hit by a car. Riley saves her. Willow is very depressed, and Riley tells Buffy to take her home.

Buffy and Oz go out to search for Veruca, and they find a pile of her clothes in the forest. Drawing to the conclusion that she was trying to lead them the wrong way, Buffy and Oz race to the school. Willow is there casting a revengeful spell on Veruca and Oz. Just before it is to go into effect, she stops, and looks at Oz's picture. She loves him too much to hurt him like that. Willow jumps when she sees Veruca there with her, and watches as the sun goes down. Veruca then attacks her. But before Veruca can get to Willow, Oz attacks Veruca, finally ripping her throat out. As Oz turns toward Willow to attack, Buffy shoots him with a tranquilizer gun. Willow lays on Buffy and cries.

The next day, Buffy talks to Giles about the guys she saw on Halloween, and then the guys she saw in the woods while trying to find Willow and Veruca. They had almost prevented her from getting there on time. Willow goes to Oz's to see that he is packing. He has decided to leave until he figures out what line divides him from his wolf part. He tells Willow that he has always loved only her, and then with a brief hesitation, drives off in his van, leaving Willow crying in gut wrenching sobs as her whole world crumbles to pieces.

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