Synopsis of Wild at Heart

Written by Bone

A girl is being chased through the campus, as people around are oblivious to what is happening. They get to a secluded area and the girl stops. A vamp is chasing her. The girl is the Slayer. She proceeds to pummel the vamp and is in rare form with the puns. The final being eating that late at night will give you heartburn as she stakes the vamp. She's upset that there are no comebacks by the vamp as he dusts. As she walks off hoping to the powers that be that there are more interesting vamps to dust, a lone figure watches her from a high vantage point. It is Spike. He says care what you wish for little girl as he is back. Spike is tazered and dragged off by the camouflaged guys.

The gang is at the Bronze. They are all commenting on how good it is to be independent college people as Xander calls himself the townie that college girls like. They all look at him and he admits it is his dream. Even though in college, they find the Bronze a comfort zone. Willow calls it her comfort place and calls Oz her comfort person. Giles shows up to listen to the local band at the Bronze. They are all surprised by his liking the music except for Oz, who thought that Giles had a great record collection. Giles assures them that he is "down" today's music also.

Veruca's band is playing and all of the guys seem again, mesmerized by her singing. Willow and Buffy are not amused.

Willow is at Oz's and is having a nightmare about sandblasters. Oz wakes here and they cuddle. He asks her if she wanted to talk about her dream. She has to go to class and wants to talk that night but Oz is in wolf mode the next three days. She also remembers she has a meeting with the campus Wicca group.

At Prof. Walsh's class, Buffy gets a paper returned and the Prof. asks her to lead a class discussion on the next project. She is to get help from a TA with her questions. (I guess this is how Riley gets to know her better). Buffy has done well. Even better than Willow. Willow is jealous and even more jealous when she learns Buffy was asked to lead a project. But only for a little while. Buffy is confused that doing good gets her more work instead of a cookie. Willow offers to buy her one when they meet Oz at the cafe.

Oz sees Veruca eating lunch and she asks him to sit with her. He says he is meeting his girlfriend but sits with her anyway since there is room for all. Willow shows up as they are discussing amplifiers and gets confused by the lingo. (I did too.) The whole scene is awkward for all involved and Oz decides to bail. Veruca follows as Buffy is comes up. She thinks it's her fault. Willow says it is hers. Willow is all concerned that Oz likes Veruca. Buffy assures her he is only looking and that nothing will happen.

Oz locks himself in a cage he built in a crypt. As the moon comes up he wolfs-out and for some reason is more violent than normal. He breaks out of his cage.

As Prof. Walsh is leaving for the evening, the werewolf confronts her. She runs throwing her briefcase at it. She then runs into a second beast. The charge her and slam into each other as she ducks for cover in the bushes. The next morning Oz and Veruca awaken together all scratched up and naked. Veruca explains to Oz that she knew, just like he did what they were.

They go to a laundry area on campus and steal clothes. She wants to be a wild and free and doesn't care if she hurts people when she turns into a werewolf. She is surprised that Oz cages himself. She wants him again but he rebuffs her and she only says to herself, "See you tonight".

Buffy Sees the Prof. the and she is telling Riley about the attack. She says she thought they were big wild dogs and tells Buffy to be careful at night on campus. Instead of asking her questions about class, she bails and heads for Giles'.

Oz is searching the papers to see if he caused any damage. Willow goes to see Oz. She wants to comfort him by making love. He says he is tired. She is very hurt and leaves.

Buffy goes to see Giles and tells him about the two werewolves. Her next stop is to see Oz.

Willow goes to see Xander. His mother let her in. Seems Xander doesn't have is own lock to the cellar door. She wants a guy's perspective on what has happened. She wants to know if something is wrong with a relationship if the girl wants to make love and the guy doesn't. He tells her that she could have caught him during the 7 minutes a year when a guy doesn't. She then asks another question about the guy. Xander gets her to speak about Oz instead of a guy. She believes Oz is attracted to Veruca and knows that Veruca is attracted to him. She doesn't want to be jealous and hurt but she is. Xander tells her to talk to him. He knows they can work things out.

Buffy finds Oz reinforcing his crypt cage. She asks him about last night and he doesn't tell her about Veruca. Buffy leaves and tells him he might have a roommate later.

Oz and Willow are shown, I believe thinking about each other but apart while a song Veruca and her band are practicing is playing. When the music ends, Veruca comes to the crypt-cage at Oz's request. He wants her to stay in the cage with him so that she doesn't hurt anyone. They both seem to be very hot for each other. Must be a werewolf thing right before the full moon. He grabs her and kisses her as her hand closes the cage door. We see their hands change and werewolf wackiness ensures.

The next morning Willow comes to see Oz and finds them in the cage together. Oz quickly puts on his pants and tries to explain how he didn't want her to hurt anyone. Willow is crying and very upset. She doesn't think locking himself up with Veruca was a good idea. Veruca says Willow has a point. Oz very forcefully tells her to leave. She does.

Willow says she knew something was up with them. Oz is still trying to get her to believe he did this for the good of all. She wanted to know why he didn't tell anyone. He says he understands how she feels (a reference to Willow and Xander's fluke?) but she isn't buying this. He says that's not what he meant. She says it is not the same thing. She says that he wanted Veruca in an animalistic way more than he wanted her. She leaves crying as Oz doesn't answer the query.

Willow is wandering around in a daze and steps into the path of an oncoming car. Buffy sees her and is running and yelling to get her attention. She is much too far away to get there in time to save her. The car is bearing down on Willow and Riley sees her and pulls her to safety. Buffy comes to them and is trying to talk to Willow. Riley says whatever it is, it is not worth hurting yourself over it and leaves.

Back at the dorm Buffy is trying to comfort Willow. She tells her to put the blame where it belongs. Tells her that she loves her and goes to find Veruca. Willow puts on her resolve face and says, "Put the blame where it belongs". She goes into her box of magic stuff.

Oz has been trying to find Veruca all day. Buffy comes to his door and he tells her this. They go to find her scent with Oz as bloodhound. He is about to try to talk to Buffy about Willow but she stops him And tells him this is a good time for him to be non-talkative and they go to find Veruca.

Meanwhile, Willow is about to cast a spell on both Oz and Veruca for causing her pain. Her spell is truly black as she invokes hell in her incantations. The books and flasks start to float as she continues.

Veruca draws Buffy and Oz to a pile of clothing left from a time she changed earlier.. She is leading them away. Oz yells Willow's name and he and Buffy are off to find her. Buffy is trailing Oz and runs into someone.

Willow is about to complete the spell by burning a picture of Oz. She can't do it and the floating stuff falls. Veruca is there. She thought Willow was going to go through with it. She says that sometimes you have to play rough. Willow is backing away. She says the sun is almost down.

Buffy gets up, grabs the tranquilizer gun and continues following Oz. It was a camouflaged dude she crashed into.

Veruca is taunting Willow. Tells her that she couldn't go through with the spell because she knows how she fells about Oz. She knocks Willow down. Oz burst through the locked door. He tells Veruca not to touch Willow again. She says Willow is the reason he is living in a cage and when she is gone he will be truly free. They both are about to change and Oz attacks her. They are fighting as the fully change into werewolves. Oz-wolf gets the upper hand in the struggle and in typical animal fashion, rips the throat out of the Veruca-wolf. Oz-wolf now turns to Willow and lunges. The slayer is there and grabs it by the leg before it can reach Willow. She knocks it to the other side of the room, grabs the gun and tranqs it. She then runs to comfort her friend as she is a sobbing mess by now.

Buffy is at Giles' the next day telling him what happened. She is upset that she didn't get there in time to stop Veruca before Oz killed her. The camouflaged dude almost cost Willow her life. Buffy remembers the dudes dressed similarly on Halloween. She wants to know what is up with them and is still very concerned about Willow. Giles reminds Buffy that she to went through some very difficult times but got over it. Buffy reminds him that she ran away and when to hell before she got over it and doesn't want Willow to have to go through the sane thing.

Willow goes to see Oz. He is packing to leave. He wants to be alone and Willow tells him that people are a planetary epidemic. He tells her Veruca was right in that the wolf is inside him and he doesn't know where the line between he and it is. He has to find that balance point. She asks if he loves her. He says yes but that he still has to leave. He kisses her on the forehead as she is sobbing his name. He goes to the van, starts it and turns the engine off. Willow is still crying in his apartment. He restarts the van and drives off.


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