Synopsis of Real Me

Written by TK

Giles is coaching Buffy in meditation. She does this cool thing where she balances upside-down on a small piece of wood... until Dawn comes in, ruining her concentration and making her fall.

Dawn is writing in her diary, and we hear what she's writing in narration (this happens throughout this episode). Dawn and Buffy and Joyce are all in the kitchen in the morning, starting their day. From the diary, we hear Dawn whining about being the Slayer's little sister, and how Buffy gets treated specially and it sucks living in her shadow. In the kitchen, we see Buffy trying to pour a bowl of cereal and slice a banana onto it, but Dawn steals her bowl and finishes the milk, leaving Buffy frustrated. Joyce asks what Buffy's plans are for the day, and she says she's going Slayer shopping at the magic shop with Giles. Joyce asks Buffy to take Dawn back-to-school shopping afterwards. Both sisters whine, saying they don't want to. Riley comes over and reminds Buffy that they had plans to hang out today. Buffy apologizes, saying she's busy with Slayer training stuff. Riley is very understanding. Dawn is disgusted by how lovey-dovey they are together.

Giles is driving Buffy and Dawn in his new red BMW. Dawn is frustrating him by fiddling with the radio. They spot Willow and Tara and stop to say hello. Dawn likes Willow and Tara 'cause they're cool and witchy and nerdy like her, and they don't treat her like a little kid. It turns out the two witches are on their way to the magic shop as well, so they all head over together. Buffy tells Willow that she can't take drama with her anymore 'cause she's doing so much training. Willow is psyched that Buffy is getting a work ethic, but sad that she's now taking the drama class without her.

At the magic shop, something is obviously wrong. The store owner is dead with two puncture wounds in his neck. Buffy takes Dawn to wait outside so she doesn't see the dead guy. Outside, a strange crazy man comes up to Dawn talking about how he's a cat, and tells her that she doesn't belong here.

Tara comes outside to hang out with Dawn. She says they'll let the Scoobies take care of what's going on inside. They thumb-wrestle.

The gang inside figures out that it was more than one vampire that raided the magic shop. There are books missing about the mythology and methodolgy of the vampire slayer, meaning there are some vampires out there who are researching Buffy... probably to try to take her down. Meanwhile, Giles is noticing how cool the magic shop is, and what incredible profits it makes. Buffy decides to try to find the lair of the new vampire gang in town, she'll go patrolling with Riley. Before they leave the magic shop, they also notice that a random statue of a unicorn is missing. Why would vampires want a unicorn?

Harmony is in a cave with a bunch of scruffy vampires. She thanks Brad, one of the vampires, for the gift of the unicorn. Another vampire makes fun of Brad for kissing sire ass. Harmony prattles on to her "minions" about their plan to kill the slayer tonight.

Buffy is at home, telling Joyce she has to patrol tonight. Joyce tells her she needs her to watch Dawn while she's at the gallery opening tonight. Dawn is whining that she's 14 and doesn't need a babysitter. Finally they all agree that if Buffy can get Xander to watch Dawn, then it's okay. Dawn had a big pre-teen crush on Xander, and is psyched to hang out with him, but she's not so psyched when Anya accompanies him with a bunch of board games.

Tara and Willow are unpacking (I guess into their dorm room). Tara talks to Willow about how Dawn feels left out of the Scoobies. Willow realizes that as Tara is talking about Dawn, she could also be talking about herself, how she's sort of an outsider. Willow tries to assure Tara that she's not an outsider. Tara says she is an outsider, but that's okay, and it's Dawn that she's worried about.

Buffy and Riley are patrolling and Buffy is whining about Dawn, how she always gets babies and protected from things, while Buffy has to go out and kick some ass and she would like to get babies and protected occassionally.

Dawn is at home with Xander and Anya thinking that everyone always pays so much attention to Buffy 'cause she's the Slayer, and no one ever pays any attention to her... except Xander, who treats her like the real woman she is. Suddenly, a rock comes through the window. It's a note taunting the slayer to come outside and fight. Xander goes to the door and opens it and sees Harmony and her gang. He laughs at her. Harmony is frustrated when he says that Buffy isn't home. Harmony and Xander start having a battle of wits, and when she insults him Dawn gets defensive and say, "Come inside and say that!" Harmony is then able to enter the house, 'cause that counts as an invite, and almost kills Xander, but he throws her outside and closes the door on her.

When Buffy and Riley get back, Xander and Anya tell them the story, and Buffy laughs uncontrollably at the idea of Harmony coming to get her until she hears that Dawn made the stupid mistake of inviting her inside.

Harmony and her gang are walking through the cemetary when they encounter Spike. Harmony and Spike have a little verbal spar, and Harmony brags about her plan to kill the slayer. Spike scoffs at her.

Buffy rants and raves about how stupid Dawn was. Xander tries to defend her, saying it was just a mistake. Buffy says we can't keep protecting her. Dawn is listening to them and gets upset and runs outside. Anya sees her run and goes after her, telling her it's dangerous and she should come inside. Just as Anya is getting her to the door, they are attacked. Anya is knocked out on the kitchen floor and Dawn is kidnapped by Harmony's gang.

Xander, Riley and Buffy find Anya on the floor. She tells them Dawn has been kidnapped. Buffy runs out of the house while Xander and Riley take Anya to the hospital.

Dawn is chained to a wall in Harmony's cave. Harmony's gang wants to eat her now, but Harmony says she has to be alive to get the slayer to come to their trap. Harmony's gang whines.

Buffy shows up at Spike's lair and punches him in the nose until he tells her that it's likely Harmony is in a cave in the north woods.

Harmony is whining to Dawn about how difficult her gang is. Her gang comes in and says they're going to kill Harmony and eat the girl. Just then, Buffy comes in and kicks lots of vampire ass. Harmony manages to run away. Buffy frees Dawn, and she and her sister are already fighting again, talking about telling mom on each other.

At home, Joyce comes in just after the girls do and ask them how their evening was. They both tell her it was uneventful.

Dawn, Buffy and Giles are at the magic store where Giles is setting up shop, having just become its new propietor. Dawn is writing in her diary how it was pretty cool that Buffy didn't tell on her, but she's still angry that she always gets treated like a kid. She says that Buffy's in for a surprise.

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