Quotes from Once More, With Feeling

Xander: Respect the crueller... and tame the donut!

Buffy: Last night, did anybody, um... burst into song?

Buffy: So, what is it? What's causing it?
Giles: I thought it didn't matter.
Buffy: Well, I'm not exactly quaking in my stylish yet affordable boots, but there's definitely something unnatural going on here, and that doesn't usually lead to hugs and puppies.

Dawn: Oh my God, you'll never believe what happened in school today.
Buffy: Everybody started singing and dancing?
Dawn: I gave birth to a teradactyl.
Anya: Oh my God, did it sing?

Tara: Oh my God. I'm cured! I like boys!

Anya: Will you still make me waffles when we're married?
Xander: No, I'll only make them for myself, but by California law you will own half of them.

Spike: Drink?
Buffy: A world of no.

Spike: So, that's all. You've just come to pump me for information.
Buffy: What else would I want to pump you for? I really just said that, didn't I?

Dawn: Math. It seemed cooler when we were singing about it.

Spike: Someday he'll be a real boy.

Buffy: So, Dawn's in trouble. Must be Tuesday.

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