Season 7, Episode 9: Never Leave Me

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Aired: Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Rating: 2.8/4


Full synopsis

Written by Drew Goddard
Directed by David Solomon

Guest starring
Danny Strong as Jonathan
Adam Busch as Warren
Tom Lenk as Andrew
Cynthia LaMontagne
Oliver Muirhead as Phillip
Kris Iyer
Harris Yulin as Quentin Travers
DB Woodside as Principal Robin Wood
Donald Bishop as butcher
Camden Toy as Ubervamp
Bobby Brewer as Hoffman
Roberto Santos as Grimes

Buffy mentions, when Spike asks who Andrew is, that Andrew is Tucker's brother. The only reference I can find to a Tucker in the past was in episode 19 of Season 3, "The Prom." I wonder if that's who she meant....?

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