Synopsis of The Killer in Me

Written by TK

Giles takes all the potential slayers out camping for two days for a vision quest. Xander gets a phone call from Robson in England saying that he thinks Giles might be dead, because Giles was about to get his head chopped off when Robson passed out, and when Robson came to, Giles was gone. Xander, Anya, Dawn, and Andrew rush out to the camp site, concerned that The First might be appearing as Giles, and unable to remember if they had seen Giles touch anything since he'd been back in Sunnydale. When they get to the camp site, they tackle Giles, and luckily he falls to the ground, very corporeal.

Kennedy doesn't go on the vision quest, pretending to be sick, because she wants some time alone with Willow. She takes Willow out on a date, and at the end of it they share a kiss, but then Willow suddenly turns into Warren. Willow, horrified, goes to her old Campus Wiccan group for help, and is surprised to find Amy Madison there. Amy says she's been getting better, and apologizes to Willow for all the crappy things she did in the past. Amy tries to help Willow turn back into herself, but the spell doesn't work and Willow calls Amy a bitch and slaps her. Willow realizes that she doesn't just look like Warren, her personality is actually changing into his as well. In fear, she runs away, and Warren takes over and goes to buy a gun. Kennedy finds out that it was Amy who put a hex on Willow just to mess with her. Amy magically transports Kennedy into the back yard of the Summers home so that Willow/Warren can find her there with the gun. Willow, brandishing the gun, laments the loss of Tara, and feels guilty that she let Tara go in her heart when she kissed Kennedy. Kennedy gives Willow another kiss, and Willow turns back into herself.

Spike's chip starts to malfunction, giving him searing pain every few minutes for no reason. Buffy tries to call Riley for help, but gets a flower shop instead. She and Spike decide to go down to the old Initiative headquarters to see if they can find any of the drug that the Initiative used to use on him that helped manage the pain. They find that the Initiative just closed up the underground complex, leaving all the "hostiles" there to wither and die. Of course, one hasn't died yet, and it attacks them. Luckily, Buffy takes it out, and just then a whole unit of Initiative soldiers turn up. It turns out that the flower shop was just a front, and Buffy's message to Riley got through. Riley sent the soldiers to help Buffy with Spike. The doctors say that Spike's chip has degraded, and they can either take it out entirely, or fix it... it's up to Buffy to decide.

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