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September 2: "Chosen" - repeat

Buffy kisses Angel, but admits to him her feelings for Spike, which a slinking-away Spike misses. Angel gives Buffy a powerful amulet to be worn by one "ensouled," and Buffy immediately goes home and gives it to Spike. She and Spike talk about her encounter with Angel, and she tells him she sent Angel away. Buffy and Spike spend the night together. Buffy realizes they have to go into the Hellmouth and destroy what is there, rather than waiting for The First's army to come after them. Willow casts an incredibly powerful spell turning all potential Slayers into actual Slayers, and the gang of girls are suddenly serious opponents for the army of Ubervamps under the seal in the basement of the high school. While guarding for escaping Ubervamps and Bringers, Anya dies saving Andrew life. Spike's amulet activates itself and he goes up in flames as the amulet begins to destroy the Hellmouth... and all of Sunnydale. Buffy and her friends escape to the outskirts of town just in time to witness the whole city fall into a huge crater. They realize they've changed the world, now that there are Slayers everywhere.

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