Season 4, Episode 5: Beer Bad

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Aired: Tuesday, November 2, 1998

Rating: 3.5


Full synopsis

Written by Tracey Forbes
Directed by David Solomon

Guest starring
Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
Adam Kaufman as Parker Stevens
Paige Moss as Veruca
Eric Matheny as Colm
Stephen M. Porter as Jack
Lindsay Crouse as Maggie Walsh
Kal Penn as Kurt
Jake Phillips as Kip
Bryan Cuprill as Roy
Lisa Johnson as Paula
Joshua Wheeler as driver
Patrick Belton as college kid #1
Kaycee Shank as college kid #2
Steven Jang as college kid #3
Cameron Bender as stoner
Kae Luhr as young woman

Did you notice in that scene where they showed the complicated chemistry set dripping goo into the keg of Black Frost that the music sounded exactly like the movie "2001?"

Michael Moore (Key Hairstylist), Lisa Marie Rosenberg, Gloria Pasqua Casny, and Loretta Jody Miller (Hairstylists) were nominated for an Emmy for this episode in the category of Outstanding Hairstyling for a Series

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