Season 7, Episode 4: Help

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Aired: Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Rating: 3.0/5


Full synopsis by Brandee

Written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner
Directed by Rick Rosenthal

Guest starring
Azura Skye as Cassie Newton
Zachery Bryan as Peter Nichols
Glenn Morshower as Philip Newton
Rick Gonzalez as Tomas
Kevin Christy as Josh
Sarah Hagan as Amanda
Beth Skipp
Anthony Harrell
Jarrett Lennon
DB Woodside as Principal Robin Wood
J. Barton as Mike Heigenburg
Daniel Dehring as red robed #1
A.J. Wedding as red robed #2
Marcie Lynn Ross as dead woman

I don't think I ever knew before that Tara's last name was Maclay.

There was a supposed to be a storyline in this episode about Anya struggling with being a vengeance demon and finding herself dispensing advice instead of curses, but I guess it was cut out.

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