2nd Season

#1 When She Was Bad
#2 Some Assembly Required
#3 School Hard
#4 Inca Mummy Girl
#5 Reptile Boy
#6 Halloween
#7 Lie To Me
#8 The Dark Age
#9 What's My Line? (Part I)
#10 What's My Line? (Part II)
#11 Ted
#12 Bad Eggs
#13 Surprise
#14 Innocence
#15 Phases
#16 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
#17 Passion
#18 Killed By Death
#19 I Only Have Eyes For You
#20 Go Fish
#21 Becoming (Part I)
#22 Becoming (Part II)

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#1 When She Was Bad: Aired Monday, September 15, 1997

Buffy must put the Master away for good.

#2 Some Assembly Required: Aired Monday, September 22, 1997

Some empty graves lead Buffy and her friends to a pair of fellow students, Eric and Chris, who are building a Frankenstein monster girl from the parts of other dead girls. What Buffy doesn't realize is that the girl will be a mate for Chris's older brother, Darryl, a recently deceased high school football star that Chris brought back to life. Eric and Chris find themselves lacking a head for their Frankenstein girl, and Darryl convinces his brother to kidnap Cordelia and take her head for his mate. Buffy saves Cordelia and Darryl-zombie dies in a fire because he won't leave the headless body of his mate. Angel finally admits to Buffy that her dancing with Xander made him jealous. Giles and Jenny Calendar go out on their first date.

#3 School Hard: Aired Monday, September 29, 1997

Buffy's primary concern is the upcoming parent/teacher night, and keeping Principal Snyder, who hates her, from talking to her mother. In addition, a new vampire named Spike comes into town with his weirdo vamp girlfriend, Drusilla, who is sick. The last two slayers that Spike fought in the past two centuries lost the battle. However, school takes a back seat when Spike brings a vamp gang to crash parent/teacher night and Buffy has to defend both her mother and her dreaded principal without giving away her secret identity. Angel tries to trick Spike into thinking he's still evil, but Spike can tell that his sire (yep, Angel's his sire) has gone soft. Buffy takes on Spike, but when her mother interferes, Spike gets away. Feelings grow between Jenny Calendar and Giles. Principal Snyder and the chief of police know the truth, but tell everyone it was an attack by a gang on PCP. Buffy's mother gains a new appreciation for her daughter and realizes Snyder is an ass. Spike rebels against the anointed one and gets rid of him.

#4 Inca Mummy Girl: Aired Monday, October 6, 1997in

Exchange students come to Sunnydale, and Buffy is surprised when her expected male student turns out to be a beautiful female named Ampata. It turns out that Ampata is actually an escaped Incan mummy princess, and must suck the lives out of her new classmates in order to stay alive. Xander falls for the princess almost immediately, and almost becomes her next victim, but of course he's saved at the last minute by Buffy. The lead guitar-player of the local popular band, Dingoes Ate My Baby, is a student named Oz, who can't take his eyes off Willow.

#5 Reptile Boy: Aired Monday, October 13, 1998

During some downtime in slaying, Buffy tries to ask Angel out on a date, but as usual he warns her of the terrible things that could happen if one thing led to another, so she backs off. She decides to accept Cordelia's invitation to a college fraternity party, and lies to Giles about where she's going that night because Giles has been cracking down on her lately. Willow helps Giles investigate a broken bracelet Buffy found in the cemetary the night before, and when they figure out that it's linked to a series of missing girls who disappeared near the fraternity house, Willow admits to Giles and Angel where Buffy went. Giles is upset that Buffy lied to him, and Angel is upset that Buffy went out with other guys, and they rush to the fraternity house where Xander is stuck outside wondering why Cordelia and Buffy haven't come out yet since the party is over. The gang rushes in just in time to help Buffy save herself and two other girls from being sacrificed to a demon snake-thing that has been giving these fraternity boys prosperity for over fifty years. Giles apologizes to Buffy for pushing so hard and Angel asks her out for coffee.

#6 Halloween: Aired Monday, October 27, 1997

Someone from Giles's past transforms the Sunnydale folks into whatever they are wearing for Halloween. Buffy becomes a damsel in distress when she dresses up like a noblewoman from Angel's past to make the moody vampire like her more. She realizes that both she and he like her better the way she is. Willow gains some confidence and turns Oz's head when she ends up as a very sexy ghost. Xander gains some much-needed physical confidence when he is turned into a military man.

#7 Lie to Me: Aired Monday, November 3, 1997

Buffy spies Angel talking to Drusilla late at night and gets suspicious. The next day, an old friend of Buffy's from Los Angeles, Ford, comes to town, saying he was transferred to Sunnydale high. Angel is suspicious of Ford, and with Willow and Xander's help investigates the newcomer. They figure out that Ford lied about his transfer, and that actually he's part of a group of vampire worshippers. Angel tries to warn Buffy, but has to tell her how he made Drusilla insane and then turned her into a vampire before Buffy will trust his word. Buffy is on guard when Ford tries to trade her to Spike for immortality, and finds out from Ford that he's dying of brain cancer, which is why he wants to be a vampire. Buffy gets out of Ford's trap by holding a stake to Drusilla and getting Spike to let all of the stupid vampire worshippers go. Unfortunately, the vampires still kill Ford.

#8 The Dark Age: Aired Monday, November 10, 1997

Giles and Jenny's blooming romance comes to a screeching halt when Giles's past with demons comes back to haunt him. Giles's old friends from his wild days in London are dying mysterious deaths one by one, and Ethan Rayne, who is currently living in Sunnydale, is next. Ethan comes looking for Giles but finds Buffy instead, and Buffy defends Ethan from the zombie corpse of an old friend coming to attack him. Buffy destroys the zombie, but it takes the gang awhile to realize that the demon that possessed the corpse, Eyghon, has now possessed Jenny Calendar. Ethan tries to get the demon to go after Buffy, but it's Willow's quick thinking that gets rid of demon forever when she tricks it into jumping into Angel's body.

#9 What's My Line? (Part I): Aired Monday, November 17, 1997

Buffy dreads career day at school, and is even more depressed when her personal questionnaire says she's suited to law enforcement. Xander finds out he should be a prison guard, while Willow and Oz are recruited by a powerful software company. Spike, with the help of a nerdy vampire, tries to translate the book he stole which contains spells to help heal Drusilla. He steals another artifact which helps him translate the book, but Buffy keeps getting in his way. He hires some really nasty demon bounty hunters to go after her and they interrupt her ice-skating date with Angel. Both Giles and Angel warn Buffy that these bounty hunters are dangerous business. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman comes to town and goes after Angel, locking him up in a garbage cage which sun is slowly reaching. She then goes after Buffy, and they battle for a short while before the mysterious woman tells Buffy she is Kendra, the Vampire Slayer.

#10 What's My Line? (Part II): Aired Monday, November 24, 1997

Giles figures out that Kendra actually is another Slayer, and her powers were activated when Buffy drowned and was technically dead for about a minute. Giles calls Kendra's Watcher and they agree that Kendra should work with Buffy to help prevent Spike from bringing Drusilla back to full health. Meanwhile, Willy the Snitch saves Angel from being fried, but delivers him in a weakened state to Spike, who needs Drusilla's sire for the ceremony. Meanwhile, the Order of Teraka is still after Buffy, attacking her at school. Oz saves Willow's life while Kendra saves Buffy's. Buffy and Kendra use Willy to figure out where Spike is doing the ceremony to help Drusilla, and find him draining Angel's life into Drusilla. Along with the Order of Teraka assassins, a huge fight ensues. Buffy saves Angel before he is killed and leaves Spike and Drusilla for dead. However, Drusilla is feeling much better, and she carries Spike out of the wreckage. Xander and Cordelia find themselves strangely attracted to each other in times of danger. Kendra goes back home, and both Kendra and Buffy have learned something from one another.

#11 Ted: Aired Monday, December 8, 1997

Buffy is wary when she meets her mother's new boyfriend, the too-good-to-be true Ted. Everyone else seems completely charmed by him, and only Buffy is able to see that he's threatening and not nearly as nice as he pretends to be. When he finally breaks down and hits Buffy, she is excited to be able to fight him on that level, and gives it all she's got, accidentally killing him when he falls down the stairs. Buffy is horrified, and her mother can barely speak to her, plus the police are considering pressing charges. Buffy's friends are sure that she couldn't have killed any old human, so they start to investigate the dead Ted and figure out that he was drugging the food he cooked and had been married at least four times. Meanwhile, Ted comes back to Buffy's house, alive, and tries to take her mother away with him. Buffy battles him again and destroys him. It turns out Ted was a robot created by an evil genius to get his wife back and the robot just kept collecting wives long after his creator was dead. Giles and Jenny start to mend fences and pick up their relationship where they left off.

#12 Bad Eggs: Aired Monday, January 12, 1998

Two old cowboy vampires have come to town and are after Buffy. In addition, Buffy's health class has been charged with caring for eggs like children. The eggs, unfortunately, hatch, and nasty huge insect things come out and attach themselves to everyone around, including Joyce and Giles. Only Buffy and Xander remain free and able to think for themselves. Buffy manages to defeat the cowboy vamps and the big momma monster that is controlling the hatchlings, setting her classmates, mother and Watcher free. Xander and Cordelia are still uncontrollably attracted to each other even though they hate each other. Buffy and Angel spend as much free time as possible making out.

#13 Surprise: Aired Monday, January 19, 1998

It's Buffy's 17th birthday, and while her friends are planning a surprise party, Buffy is plagued by dreams of Drusilla killing Angel. Jenny Calendar's uncle comes to visit, and we learn that she comes from the gypsy tribe that cursed Angel, and has been planted in Sunnydale to keep an eye on Angel and make sure he's suffering. Jenny's uncle says that Angel is feeling happiness due to Buffy. The gang realizes that vampires are gathering together bits and pieces of an evil being called The Judge. The Judge can't be killed, so many years ago an army dismembered him and put his separate pieces into boxes and scattered them across the world. Buffy realizes Drusilla must be alive and Angel says Drusilla is just crazy enough to try to do something like this, because The Judge, who can burn the humanity out of anyone, can bring on Armageddon. Jenny suggests Angel take the piece of The Judge that they've found and leave town with it, but before he can do so Drusilla's minions steal it from him. Angel and Buffy go to spy on Drusilla, and end up confronting The Judge. They escape from The Judge and end up hiding out back at Angel's pad during a rain storm. Buffy and Angel admit their love for each other and fall into bed together. Angel wakes up and stumbles outside, in pain and screaming for help. Buffy sleeps soundly since Angel's cries are muffled by the sound of the rain.

#14 Innocence: Aired Tuesday, January 20, 1998

Angel has become evil Angelus again. Jenny Calendar learns from her gypsy uncle that Angel has lost his soul because he experienced a moment of true happiness. Angelus rejoins his friends, Spike and Drusilla, and begins his campaign to torture Buffy, starting by going after her friends. Luckily, Jenny warns the gang just in time to keep them from trusting Angelus. Buffy, with help from a dream, figures out that Jenny knows more than she's sharing and gets the gypsy woman to talk. Buffy wants Jenny to curse Angel again, but Jenny doesn't know how. She takes Buffy to her uncle but Angelus has already killed him. Meanwhile, Xander draws upon his Halloween experience as an army guy and gets Buffy a Bazooka for a birthday present. She uses the Bazooka to take down The Judge who has been brought to the Sunnydale Mall by Angelus and Drusilla. Buffy fights Angelus, but still can't bring herself to stake him. Willow spots Cordy and Xander kissing and is furious and hurt. She asks Oz if he wants to kiss her, but Oz recognizes the rebound and says he can wait.

#15 Phases: Aired Tuesday, January 27, 1998

There's a werewolf in town, and Buffy has to capture it before a werewolf hunter kills it. Willow is frustrated when Oz won't make the first move. Willow goes over to confront Oz, and is horrified when he turns into a werewolf. Now that Buffy knows the werewolf is a friend, she's even more eager to protect and capture it. Willow ends up firing the tranquilizer dart that takes Oz down, but instead of ruining their relationship, the added closeness of the shared secret leads them to their first kiss. Angel turns one of Buffy's classmates into a vampire as a little love-note to Buffy.

#16 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered: Aired Monday, February 23, 1998

Valentine's Day is here, and while Willow is psyched to have a boyfriend and Xander gears up with a gift of a necklace to Cordelia, Buffy just gets dire warnings from Giles about Angel's macabre history of Valentine's Days past. Cordelia starts getting the brush-off from her popular friends because she's dating Xander. When Xander gives her the necklace, she dumps him. Xander is furious, and when he busts Amy using magic in school, he blackmails her into casting a love spell on Cordy so that he can get his revenge. The spell backfires, and suddenly every female everywhere, except for Cordy, is madly in love with Xander. The women start fighting amongst each other, and when Buffy punches out Amy, Amy turns the Slayer into a rat. Meanwhile, Cordelia's friends turn on her for dumping the wonderful Xander, and Oz isn't too psyched when Willow throws herself at her old childhood friend. Xander and Cordelia run to Buffy's house to hide from the more and more violent mob, but Angel finds them there. Angel is about to kill Xander when Drusilla, caught in the love spell, comes to his rescue. Drusilla is about to turn Xander into a vampire when the mob of girls from school catches up to them. Luckily, just before the mob kills Xander and Cordelia, Amy and Giles reverse Amy's spells, reverting Buffy back to human and lifting the love spell. Cordy finally stands up to her friends and tells them she'll date Xander if she wants to... and she wants to.

#17 Passion: Aired Tuesday, February 24, 1998

Angel steps up his plan to mess with Buffy by sneaking into her home and her friends' homes. Jenny starts to make peace with Giles and works in secret on figuring out how to give Angel his soul back. Giles figures out an uninviting spell to keep Angel out of Buffy's house. Buffy tells her mom about her ex-boyfriend Angel who is a little obsessed and warns her mother not to invite him into the house. Angel tells Joyce that he needs Buffy back and he can't stop thinking about her since they made love. Joyce and Buffy have a serious talk about Buffy's decision to have sex with Angel. Angel figures out what Jenny is trying to do and kills her, but not before Jenny gets all the information she needs on a computer disk that fall into a crack behind her desk. Giles goes after Angel after receiving Angel's present of Jenny's dead body in his bed. Buffy saves Giles and assures him that she's ready to kill Angel. Spike is less and less pleased to have Angel around.

#18 Killed by Death: Aired Tuesday, March 3, 1998

Between a bad case of the flu and a very violent fight with Angel, Buffy ends up in the hospital. Joyce regrets having to leave her daughter in the hospital overnight because she knows Buffy hates hospitals ever since she saw her cousin Celia die in one at the age of eight. Buffy spends a restless night plagued by fever and dreams about her dead cousin mixed with visions of a strange monster stalking children. Meanwhile, Xander keeps watch at the hospital to keep Buffy safe from a visiting Angel. Buffy, with help from her friends, figures out that there is actually a monster loose in the hospital that is invisible to everyone and sucks the life out of children. Buffy realizes that it's the same monster that killed her cousin. Only people with fevers can see the invisible monster, so Buffy gets herself sick again and dukes it out with the monster while delirious with fever, finally beating the monster just before it sucks the life out of her.

#19 I Only Have Eyes For You: Aired Tuesday, April 28, 1998

After their warehouse is burned down, Angel, Drusilla and Spike move into a new idyllic castle-like house that Angel finds. Spike gets more and more fed up with Angel, and hides from his "mate" the fact that he is now able to get around without his wheelchair. Sunnydale High is being haunted, and a terrible murder/suicide is being reinacted over and over again. Giles, due to wishful thinking, decides it must be Jenny trying to get in touch from the other side. Buffy and her friends figure out that a ghost is haunting the school and reinacting the violent end of a romantic relationship between a student and a teacher from 1955. The gang tries a chanting spell that Willow finds through one of Jenny's pagan web sites to "bind the evil," but it doesn't work. Finally, Buffy and Angel become the latest possessed couple, but when Buffy shoots Angel according to the script, Angel doesn't actually die (since he can't) and is able to "forgive" her after his "death," setting the tortured spirit free.

#20 Go Fish: Aired Tuesday, May 5, 1998

Buffy and the gang discover that the swim team's sudden winning streak is due to the coach's experimentation with fish DNA. After the top three swimmers on the team have all turned into fishy monsters, Buffy confronts the coach and he holds her at gunpoint and throws her into the sewers. Luckily, Xander saves her before the fish-monsters get her, and in the ensuing fight with the swim coach, the coach ends up falling into the sewers and getting eaten. The fish-monsters manage to escape to the deep sea.

#21 Becoming (Part I): Aired Tuesday, May 12, 1998

Buffy decides it's time to take down Angel. We learn more about Angel's history: how Darla made him, how he tortured Drusilla, how he was cursed by the Gypsies, and how, in the 1980s in New York, he was discovered living on rats by a good demon named Whistler who showed him how he could eventually help the Slayer. Willow and Buffy discover Jenny's lost disk with the curse to bring Angel's soul back, and Willow thinks she can pull it off even though most of the gang is against the idea. An artifact is dug up when a new building is being built and Angel and his friend steal it. Opening the large stone tomb they find a stone demon who, with the proper ceremony, can bring about the end of the world and hell on earth. Kendra comes to town with dire warnings of danger in Sunnydale from her Watcher. Angel tries to perform the hell-on-earth ceremony, but something goes wrong. Angel lures Buffy away from her friends to fight him in the cemetary while Drusilla leads a gang to the Sunnydale High library to kidnap Giles so they can get him to help them with the hell-on-earth thing. Drusilla kills Kendra in the process. Buffy discovers the library wreckage and Kendra's lifeless body. Cops find Buffy.

#22 Becoming (Part 2): Aired Tuesday, May 19, 1998

Buffy is not only being hunted by the cops as a murder suspect and has been expelled from school, but she finally tells her mother that she is the Slayer which leads to a fight and her mother kicking her out of the house. Angel has kidnapped Giles and is trying to torture out of him the missing clue to bring about the end of the world, but it's Drusilla who tricks Giles into thinking he's telling Jenny Calendar the secret. Spike comes to Buffy and says that he wants to help her take down Angel and prevent the end of the world, but in exchange she has to let him and Drusilla get out of town. Willow, although hospitalized, decides to give the curse to bring back Angel's soul another try, and sends Xander to tell Buffy before she goes after Angel. Xander doesn't tell Buffy. Buffy begins the fight to save the end of the world, and Spike helps a little, but is more concerned with subduing Drusilla and getting out of town. Buffy and Angel fight to the finish, but not before Angel has started the end of the world. Willow's curse works, and just before Buffy kills Angel he becomes good again. Buffy tells Angel she loves him, but has to kill him anyway to prevent the end of the world. Buffy leaves town.

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