6th Season

#1 Bargaining
#2 After Life
#3 Flooded
#4 Life Serial
#5 All the Way
#6 Once More, With Feeling
#7 Tabula Rasa
#8 Smashed
#9 Wrecked
#10 Gone
#11 Doublemeat Palace
#12 Dead Things
#13 Older and Far Away
#14 As You Were
#15 Hell's Bells
#16 Normal Again
#17 Entropy
#18 Seeing Red
#19 Villains
#20 Two to Go
#21 Grave

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#1 Bargaining: Aired Tuesday, October 2, 2001

After many months, Giles and Spike's guilt is eating away at them, and Willow has taken over the Scoobies. Willow is not only now a very powerful witch, she has got the Buffy-bot up and working. The Buffy-bot is not only pretending to be the Slayer to keep the underworld at bay, it is also pretending to be Dawn's guardian to keep the social workers and Mr. Summers at bay. Giles leaves for England, leaving Anya in charge of the Magic Box. Willow, with help from Tara, Xander and Anya, has elaborate plans to raise Buffy from the dead, using a rare Urn of Osiris provided by Anya. Just as Willow begins her powerful spell, a demon biker gang that has figured out that the Slayer is a robot comes to town for some fun and looting. Willow's spell is disturbed by the biker gang and everyone thinks it didn't work, but Buffy wakes up terrified in her grave. Meanwhile, Spike and Dawn try to escape the marauding bikers on one of their own bikes. The Scoobies meet up back at the Magic Box while Buffy is clawing her way out of her grave. Buffy wanders town, confused, only to encounter the Buffy-bot being destroyed by biker demons. The Scoobies go hunting for Dawn and Spike, but find a terrified and mute Buffy hiding in an alley. They are surrounded by demon bikers, and Buffy fights them off and then runs away. Meanwhile, Dawn and Spike encounter the remains of the Buffy-bot who mentions having seen the real Buffy before dying completely. Dawn runs off. Dawn finds Buffy at the top of the rickety tower where she died. Buffy, confused and scared, is about to jump again when the tower starts to fall, and instead of jumping she saves Dawn. Dawn hugs her big sister, who is still not sure what is going on.

#2 After Life: Aired Tuesday, October 9, 2001

Dawn takes Buffy home and cleans her up. Her friends arrive and bombard her with questions, but she's very quiet. Willow wonders why Buffy doesn't seem to be happier to be back. Meanwhile, the Scoobies find themselves haunted by an evil spirit that possesses their own bodies to haunt them. They figure out that the demon is a side-effect of their ressurection spell, and it will eventually dissipate unless it can kill Buffy. The demon goes after Buffy, and Willow and Tara try to cast a spell to give the amorphous ghost substance so that Buffy can fight it. The spell isn't working, and Tara is surprised when Willow busts out of their chanting, glows with light, opens her black eyes, and screams "solid!" The ghost becomes solid and Buffy kills it. Buffy starts to get back to normal life, and finally thanks her friends for bringing her back from hell. Buffy later admits to Spike that she's actually not happy to be back, because she was in heaven and now she's back in the hell that was her life. Willow calls Giles with the news and he says he's on his way back to the U.S.

#3 Flooded: Aired Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Buffy is still depressed about being back and she's not doing a very good job of hiding it from her friends. When the pipes in the basement break, Buffy realizes that she has no money with which to pay the plumber. She goes to the bank to apply for a loan, but she is turned down due to not having a job or collateral and ends up fighting bank-robbing demons. It turns out that the mercenary demon was sent to rob the bank by Jonathan and his two nerdy friends, Warren and Andrew, who have figured out a little black magic and are having a little too much fun with it. The demon demands the head of the Slayer in payment, but the nerdy boys don't want to kill the Slayer, so instead they give the demon Buffy's address. The demon attacks Buffy, busting up the house and re-breaking the basement pipes. Buffy kills the demon, but doesn't know how to pay her bills. Giles returns to be Buffy's Watcher and is almost as unhappy to be back as Buffy is. Giles yells at Willow for messing with dangerous and powerful magic, and Willow tells him that yes, she does know how to use powerful magic, so maybe he shouldn't piss her off. Anya is still trying to get Xander to tell everyone they're engaged. Buffy still finds Spike to be the only one she can really talk to. Buffy rushes off to see Angel who called when he heard she was alive.

#4 Life Serial: Aired Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Buffy sees Angel but doesn't really want to talk to anyone about it. Buffy tries to figure out what to do with her life at the same time that Jonathan and his nerdy friends decide to go after her to prevent her from ruining their attempt to take over Sunnydale. Buffy starts auditing college classes with Willow and Tara, and the gang of three shows up in a black surveillance van to keep an eye on her. Warren plants a device on Buffy's sweater that puts her out of time-sync with everyone else so that she starts experiencing time jumps. She discovers the device and it self-destructs. Then Buffy tries construction work with Xander, and although she impresses the crew with her strength, she gets fired when slimey demons sent by Andrew disturb the construction site. Buffy notices the black van nearby the construction site. Buffy then tries working at the magic shoppe, but Jonathan's spell sends her into a time loop until she satisfies a customer who wants a mummy hand that won't sit still. Buffy finally goes to hide with Spike and ends up getting drunk at a bar with him. Leaving the bar, she notices the black surveillance van again, and as she's about to investigate Jonathan uses magic to look like a big scary demon and put her off. The gang of three are excited that they've gathered lots of useful information about the Slayer. Buffy is grateful when Giles gives her a check which helps put some of her money woes aside.

#5 All the Way: Aired Tuesday, October 30, 2001

After a fun and fruitful Halloween at the magic shoppe, Xander finally gets the guts up to tell everyone about his and Anya's engagement. Sexual tension grows between Spike and Buffy. The gang retires to Buffy's house where they start to have an engagement party. Tara expresses her discontent with Willow using magic to decorate for the party. Xander starts to get more and more nervous as Anya talks more and more about their future lives together. Dawn says she's staying at her friend Janice's house, but actually, she and Janice meet up with two older high school boys and go out causing mischief. Dawn brags about how she shoplifts all the time. Buffy goes patrolling to get some air. Giles finds out that Dawn isn't at Janice's and he goes to Spike's to look for Buffy while Willow and Tara go to the Bronze to look for Dawn. Willow starts to use more magic at the Bronze and she and Tara end up fighting about it. Willow accuses Tara of scheming with Giles behind her back. It turns out that the boys that Dawn and Janice are hanging out with are really vampires, and while Dawn is making out with one of them he vamps out. Giles finds Dawn and Janice just in time, and Buffy and Spike finds Giles just in time. It turns out there's a whole new gang of teen-age vamps that don't follow the rules and don't stay in on Halloween, but luckily Buffy, Spike, Giles, and Dawn make short work of them. Buffy leaves the scolding of Dawn to Giles. Willow casts a spell to make Tara forget their fight so Tara won't be mad at her anymore.

#6 Once More, With Feeling: Aired Tuesday, November 6, 2001

Everyone is affected by a demon that causes people to burst into song and express their true feelings. Tara finds out that Willow used magic to make her forget a fight. Giles feels like he's keeping Buffy from growing up. Buffy admits to everyone that she was in heaven, not hell. Buffy and Spike share a kiss.

#7 Tabula Rasa: Aired Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Everyone is still reeling from recent revelations. Giles has decided to stop coddling Buffy and return to England. Buffy refuses to talk to Spike about the kiss they shared. Willow feels incredibly guilty about bringing Buffy back from heaven, and wants to cast a spell to make Buffy forget that she was there. Tara lectures Willow on her selfish overuse of magic and threatens to leave her. Willow begs Tara not to leave her and promises not to use any magic for a week to prove herself. Willow quickly breaks her promise and casts a spell to make Buffy forget heaven and Tara forget that she's angry at Willow. The spell goes awry and the whole Scooby gang forgets who they are while battling a loan shark to whom Spike owes kittens. When the spell is accidentally broken, Giles leaves for London and Tara leaves Willow. Buffy still tries to ignore Spike, but they end up in a passionate embrace at the Bronze.

#8 Smashed: Aired Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Jonathan, Warren and Andrew are back to no good when they steal a huge diamond from a museum with help from their new freeze ray. The Scoobies are stumped when they can't find any reference to a diamond-eating frost monster in the books. Everyone is still worried about Willow's overuse of magic. Tara visits with Dawn like a divorced parent. Willow finally gets Amy Madison out of rat form and the two witches go out on the town causing havoc at the Bronze with their magic. Buffy is still trying to ignore her feelings for Spike while Spike is still trying to get her to admit them. Spike figures out, with some help from Warren, that he can now hit Buffy without causing himself pain since Buffy came back from the dead. Buffy and Spike have a huge battle in an abandoned house that turns into violent passion.

#9 Wrecked: Aired Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Willow continues to go out with Amy and Amy introduces her to Rack, a powerful warlock who gives Willow magic highs. Willow finds herself completely addicted to magic, and puts Dawn's life in danger when she starts caring only about her next high. Meanwhile, Buffy wakes up after a long lusty night with Spike and is disgusted with herself. After Willow is injured in a car accident with Willow, Willow admits to Buffy that she needs help and she needs to give up the magic, even though it made her feel more special than old boring high school Willow. Buffy agrees with Willow that she should give it up, while secretly she vows to completely give up Spike as well.

#10 Gone: Aired Tuesday, January 8, 2002

Buffy is overwhelmed with helping Willow recover, Dawn acting out, Spike coming back for more, and a social worker who threatens to take Dawn away. In a moment of despair she cuts off her hair, and then goes to a salon to get her hack-job actually styled. When she's leaving the salon, she accidentally gets hit by Warren's new invisibility ray. Xander, Anya and Willow try to figure out how to fix Buffy while Buffy goes out gallavanting around invisible. Buffy not only haunts her social worker, making her think she's insane and getting her taken off the Summers case, but she also goes to romp with Spike. Spike ends up kicking her out because he knows she's only there because she's feeling free in her invisibility. Meanwhile, Buffy's friends find some items on the street that were turned invisible with Buffy, and they are horrified to see that the items are starting to disintegrate. Willow, without using magic, tracks Warren, Jonathan and Andrew to their basement lair, where she is captured by the invisible three. Jonathan wants to save Buffy from disintegrating, while Warren wants to kill her, so they use Willow to lure Buffy to an arcade. They say they're going to cure Buffy's invisibility, but Willow notices at the last minute that they ray's settings are wrong. An invisible fight ensues, and Willow gets away with the ray gun, eventually making all four of her invisible companions visible again. The gang of three (the Troika?) get away when Buffy is distracted by a security guard.

#11 Doublemeat Palace: Aired Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Buffy takes a job at fast-food restaurant and thinks something weird is going on when employees keep disappearing. When she finds a finger near the meat grinder, she thinks that the burgers are made of people and freaks out. Willow, using chemistry, figures out that the ground meat is actually made of vegetables. Meanwhile, Buffy explores the restaurant at night and finds out that a little old lady who is a regular customer is actually a demon and enjoys eating the employees. Amy gives Willow a present of magic which a recovering Willow doesn't appreciate. Anya's vengeance demon friend, Halfrek, comes to visit and makes Anya realize that Xander doesn't necessarily treat her very well.

#12 Dead Things: Aired Tuesday, February 5, 2002

Buffy asks Tara's help in figuring out why Spike can hit her, and is actually upset when she finds out that she really didn't come back wrong. Buffy admits to Tara that she and Spike are having a physical relationship. The Troika (Warren, Jonathan and Andrew) figure out a way to enslave women but Warren accidentally kills his ex-girlfriend, Katrina, while experimenting. Warren tries to convince Buffy that she killed Katrina, and almost has Buffy turning herself into the police, but at the last minute Buffy hears the identity of the girl and realizes the connection to Warren. Dawn feels like Buffy doesn't want to be with her and Buffy is never around anymore.

#13 Older and Far Away: Aired Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Dawn is feeling more and more alone, and not only stealing things from the Magic Box, but stealing stuff from the stores at the mall. Her school has a sympathetic new guidance counselor who pulls Dawn out of class to talk about her feelings of abandonment. Buffy has a birthday party at her house, and Anya and Xander invite a cute guy from Xander's work to set up with Buffy. Disaster quickly ensues when it turns out that Dawn's guidance counselor is actually Halfrek, Anya's vengeance demon friend, who likes to help lonely kids. Halfrek curses the house so that no one can ever leave the party so Dawn will have permanent companionship. Meanwhile, while Tara is trying to use a spell to get everyone out of the house, she accidentally releases a big scary demon that was magically hiding in a sword that Buffy brought home. Everyone is trapped in the house, and the demon, who can magically disappear in the walls and floors of the house, is starting to pick them off one by one. Anya encourages Willow to find a magical solution, but Willow stands strong in not using magic and Tara helps defend her. Finally, Buffy and Anya realize how much Dawn has been stealing, and Anya puts it all together and realizes that it's her friend Halfrek who put the curse on the house. She calls Halfrek who shows up, but says she's not going to lift the curse. However, when Halfrek realizes that she isn't able the leave the house either now that she's entered, she has to lift the curse so she can get away. Everyone is surprised when Halfrek and Spike recognize each other and Halfrek calls him by his human name, William.

#14 As You Were: Aired Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Buffy's life is really sucking what with working at a fast-food joint, sleeping with a vampire, not having time to go out with her friends, and missing the garbage pick-up this week. Riley comes to town tracking down someone who is calling himself the Doctor and selling some really dangerous demon eggs. Riley also introduces the gang to his new wife, a fellow demon-fighter named Sam. While Buffy and her friends are prepared to hate Sam, the woman is so sweet that they can't help loving her. Buffy has a tryst with Spike and Riley shows up at Spike's tomb calling him Doctor and asking him where the eggs are. Buffy tries to defend Spike, but follows Riley downstairs where they find demon eggs that are about to hatch. They blow up the cavern, and, mission accomplished, Riley and Sam leave town, but not before Riley assures Buffy that she's still an incredible woman even if she's not in the best place in her life right now. Buffy, re-enlightened as to what kind of creature Spike is, breaks up with him for good. Anya and Xander, who are freaking out about their upcoming wedding, are comforted by meeting married couple Riley and Sam, and have faith that even if their wedding is a nightmare, their marriage will be wonderful.

#15 Hell's Bells: Aired Tuesday, March 5, 2002

Xander and Anya's wedding is about to begin, despite the mingling of humans and demons (who are masquerading as circus folk) and Xander's awful family. A mysterious old man pulls Xander aside and, claiming to be Xander from the future, shows the groom images from his nightmare future married to Anya. The old man urges Xander not to go through with the wedding, and Xander runs out into the rain. Buffy stalls for as long as she can while Willow hunts for Xander, but finally fights start breaking out among the guests and Anya figures out that Xander is missing. Anya hunts down the old man and asks him what he told Xander, and the old man turns into a demon and says he's getting Anyanka back for what she did to him in Chicago in 1914. The demon attacks Anya, and Xander returns just in time to help Buffy protect his bride. Anya explains to Xander that what he saw was all lies, and says the wedding will go on, but Xander is spooked not only from the fake visions, but also from watching his own parents' terrible relationship. Xander says he's not ready to be married and he's scared of hurting Anya. Anya's demon friend D'Hoffryn comforts her as she cries her eyes out, and D'Hoffryn suggests that Anya should get back in the demon vengeance game. Spike brings a date to the wedding to make Buffy jealous and it basically works, but Spike feels bad making Buffy feel bad so he takes his skanky date and leaves early.

#16 Normal Again: Aired Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Xander returns after having left town for a little while and wants to find Anya and mend fences, but Anya has left. Warren is clearly becoming the boss of the nerd trio. While hunting down the nerd trio, Buffy encounters a demon who stabs her in the arm. She begins to hallucinate that she's in a mental institution, her mother and father are still together, and her whole life in Sunnydale, including being the Slayer, having a sister, and all of her friends, is just a mental illness. Willow figures out what happened and Xander and Spike capture the demon that stabbed Buffy. Willow uses the demon's poison to create an antidote and give it to Buffy, but Buffy has been so taken in by her hallucination that she secretly doesn't take the antidote. Buffy starts stashing her friends and her sister, one by one, tied up in the basement, and then sets the demon loose on them. Her doctor in the mental institution tells her that she has to get rid of her imaginary friends in order to get well. Buffy tries to just watch as the demon destroys her friends, and her mother in the mental institution cheers her on. However, with her mother reminding her how strong she can be, Buffy realizes that she needs that strength to continue to live in the demon-ridden world of Sunnydale, and at the last minute saves her friends and sister.

#17 Entropy: Aired Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Buffy and Dawn spend a lot of quality time together so that Buffy can stop feeling so guilty about trying to kill her little sister. Dawn is very accepting when Buffy admits her fling with Spike. Spike continues to try to get Buffy back, but she says she doesn't love him. Anya returns, secretly a demon, to get her vengeance on Xander, but realizes that she has to get someone else to make the damaging wish. Anya tries Buffy, Willow, Tara, and Dawn, but can't get anyone to wish something damaging on Xander. Finally, Anya and Spike, both heartbroken, get drunk together at the Magic Box, and although Anya originally tries to get Spike to make a wish for her about Xander, she ends up just finding that commiserating with someone else in pain is what she needed. That and they end up having a little sex too. Buffy finds a camera in her front yard and Willow tracks the signal to the Troika. Willow taps into other cameras that the Troika has been running and she, Xander and Buffy get a sneak peek at Spike and Anya's recreation at the Magic Box. Xander confronts Anya and Spike and tells Anya he's disgusted by her actions, sleeping with a dead, soulless, evil thing. Spike mentions that he was good enough for Buffy. Xander runs off, disgusted by both Anya and Buffy. Anya realizes that she did get some vengeance on Xander, and it doesn't feel as good as she hoped. Willow and Tara start a slow reconciliation and then skip to the happy and kissing part. The Troika works on a new plan involving a magical disk stolen from a vampire. Warren and Andrew realize they won't be able to rely on Jonathan much longer.

#18 Seeing Red: Aired Tuesday, May 7, 2002

Willow and Tara are happily back together. Anya tries to go back to being a vengeance demon, but her own pain is getting in the way. Spike tries to rape Buffy, to reignite their passion. In the aftermath, Spike laments that he's no longer a monster, but he can't be a man, and leaves town to make some changes. Xander and Buffy argue about her and Spike, but eventually they make up. Warren steals some demon orbs that give him incredibly strength and invulnerability, and after causing a scene at the Bronze he and his sidekicks plan to rob an armored truck. Buffy stops them, and beats Warren after Jonathan tips her off about the power of the orbs. Jonathan and Andrew are arrested after Warren ditches them with a rocket pack. Warren comes to Buffy's house with a gun for revenge. Both Buffy and Tara are hit by bullets.

#19 Villains: Aired Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Tara dies while Buffy is just badly wounded by Warren. A vengeful Willow musters all the evil magic power she can. First she magically heals Buffy and then she goes after Warren. Buffy and Xander try to track down Willow and stop her before she gets to Warren and kills him, but they're too late. Meanwhile, Spike visits a powerful evil force in Africa to try to get his chip removed and restore him to his old, vampirey self. Anya admits to Xander and Buffy that she's a vengeance demon again.

#20 Two to Go: Aired Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Buffy, Xander and Anya save the two remaining nerds from jail right before Willow destroys them. They escape in a cop car, and Willow chases them by magically taking over a truck, but Willow runs low on power and they get away. Buffy, Xander and Anya take the nerds to the magic shop where Anya works on a protection spell. Dawn convinces Clem to take her to Rack, hoping Rack might be able to help her stop Willow. Willow goes to Rack for a recharge on magic and encounters Dawn. Dawn pleads with Willow to stop this madness, but Willow just threatens to turn Dawn back into a ball of energy. Buffy stops her, and Willow transports herself with Buffy and Dawn to the magic shop. She goes after the two nerds, but Anya's protection spell stops her. Willow uses her magic to make herself strong so she can just beat the nerds to death, but Buffy fights her. Xander, Dawn, Jonathan, and Andrew run for it. Andrew tries to make a break for Mexico, but Jonathan stops him. Willow and Buffy fight while Anya keeps up the protection spell so that Willow doesn't have a magic advantage. Willow finds Anya and knocks her out. She blasts Buffy with magic and laughs that no one can stop her. She is blasted across the room by Giles, who has just walked through the door. Meanwhile, Spike passes the first stage of the cave demon's test, taking out a strong fighter with firey fists.

#21 Grave: Aired Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Giles, imbued with magical power from a coven in England, binds Willow, but Willow soon breaks free. Willow sends a fireball after the fleeing nerds and Buffy races to save them, leaving Giles to battle Willow. Their battle destroys most of the magic shop, and Willow is winning, but she's starting to run down her power again. She decides to absorb Giles's magic, and gets an incredible rush from doing so. She feels tapped into everything, and feels all the pain of the world. She decides to stop the pain by destroying the world. Meanwhile, Buffy saves the nerds from the fireball, but she and Dawn get trapped in a deep chasm in the cemetary, Xander is knocked out, and Jonathan and Andrew run for the border. Anya transports over to let Buffy know that Willow is about to destroy the world and Giles said that no magic or supernatural force, including the Slayer, can stop her. Willow sets earth demons on Buffy and Dawn to keep them busy, and Buffy can't handle them on her own. Buffy finally realizes that Dawn is a good fighter on her own now. Xander is the one who finally stops Willow from destroying the world, reminding her how much he loves her. Meanwhile, Spike finishes his trials and the cave demon gives him what he wants: his soul.

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