7th Season

#1 Lessons
#2 Beneath You
#3 Same Time, Same Place
#4 Help
#5 Selfless
#6 Him
#7 Conversations with Dead People
#8 Sleeper
#9 Never Leave Me
#10 Bring on the Night
#11 Showtime
#12 Potential
#13 The Killer in Me
#14 First Date
#15 Get It Done
#16 Storyteller
#17 Lies My Parents Told Me
#18 Dirty Girls
#19 Empty Places
#20 Touched
#21 End of Days
#22 Chosen

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#1 Lessons: Aired Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Dawn starts her first day of high school at the new Sunnydale High, which was built right where the old one was. Buffy spends Dawn's first day snooping around, making sure the high school is safe, and is accosted by manifest spirits of old dead high school students that blame the Slayer for their deaths. Dawn and two other students, Kit and Carlos, are trapped in the basement by these spirits, and while trying to find them Buffy runs into Spike, who seems to have gone slightly insane. Spike explains that the spirits are controlled by a talisman, and Buffy saves the three living high school students while Xander finds and destroys the talisman. The new principal, Robin Wood, offers Buffy a part-time job as a sort of counselor at large. A woman is hunted down by hooded beings in Istanbul. Halfrek tells Anya that she's a terrible vengeance demon. Willow receives training in England on how to manage her magic, and is scared when she senses that the Hellmouth wants to swallow them all up. Spike is haunted by demons from the past, including Warren, Glory, Adam, Mayor Wilkins, Drusilla, and the Master.

#2 Beneath You: Aired Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Buffy starts her first day as Sunnydale High's new guidance counselor. Everyone can feel something coming, from Willow who is scared to leave England for fear of how she'll be received by her friends, to Buffy, who dreams of a girl being chased by hooded figures in Frankfurt, Germany, to Spike, who offers his help when a woman's dog is eaten by an underground monster. Xander hopes to get a date out of it, but when it turns out that the underground monster is the woman's ex-boyfriend, transformed by Anya the vengeance demon, all he can do is convince Anya to reverse the spell. Anya does so, but fears the consequences since D'Hoffryn is already displeased with her work. Buffy doesn't trust Spike after his attempted rape of her, but then from his mad babblings, she finally figures out that Spike got his soul back. More...

#3 Same Time, Same Place: Aired Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Willow returns to Sunnydale, but is invisible to her friends, as her friends are to her. While Willow is hunting around Sunnydale for the other Scoobies, a skinned boy's body is discovered in the construction site of the new high school gym. Buffy, Xander and Dawn worry that evil Willow is back, and Willow tries to find the real culprit to exonerate herself. Dawn uses her computer skills to figure out that the demon is Gnarl, a skin-eating demon that paralyzes his victims with his poisoned fingernails. Buffy and Willow find Gnarl's cave separately, but when Dawn gets paralyzed, Buffy leaves to tend to her sister, blocking the entrance to the cave to keep the demon inside, but accidentally also trapping Willow. Willow is paralyzed by the demon and he slowly eats her skin. Anya tells Buffy that Willow went to the cave and Buffy rushes back to fight the demon, still unable to see Willow. After Buffy disposes of the demon, Willow and her friends reach out to each other over the void and suddenly Willow reappears to her friends. Willow realizes she probably made her disappearance happen herself because she was so stressed about seeing her friends again. Buffy helps Willow get the strength to draw power from the earth to heal herself. More...

#4 Help: Aired Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Buffy starts work as a counselor and has very little faith in herself. She helps the various students as best she can, until she encounters Cassie, a moody poetry-writing teen who says she can predict certain things, and she knows that she's going to die on Friday. Buffy investigates Cassie's family and friends, even getting Dawn to buddy-up to her classmate, but can't figure out what might harm the girl. Finally, Buffy finds out a plot amongst some of the boys in the school to sacrifice Cassie to a demon to get untold riches. Buffy, with some unexpected help from a still-recovering Spike, stops the sacrifice, and prevents Cassie's death in more than one way. Buffy is heartbroken when Cassie drops dead from a sudden heart attack anyway. Willow visits Tara's grave. More...

#5 Selfless: Aired Tuesday, October 22, 2002

We see Anya as Aud, a Swedish housewife, who finds out that her husband is having an affair with a bar matron and so turns him into a troll, spurring her recruitment by D'Hoffryn as a vengeance demon. In the present day, Anya kills an entire fraternity house full of boys when a girl who was humiliated by them wishes they would know how it feels to have their hearts ripped out. Buffy realizes she has to kill Anya, even though Xander begs her not to. Buffy and Anya fight, and Xander tries to defend Anya, while Willow summon D'Hoffryn who steps in at the last minute. Anya asks D'Hoffryn to undo the deaths of the fraternity boys, even if it takes the life of a vengeance demon to do it. D'Hoffryn agrees, and kills Anya's friend Halfrek to undo Anya's vengeance. D'Hoffryn dumps Anya, making her human again. Xander tries to comfort Anya, but Anya says she has to go through this alone. Spike hallucinates Buffy being kind to him. Willow moves back into Buffy's house and starts going to college again. Willow's powers still make her a little evil sometimes. More...

#6 Him: Aired Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Dawn suddenly gets a crush on a star football player at school named R.J. She makes a fool of herself over him repeatedly, even going so far as to audition for the cheerleading squad and performing an awkward cheer specifically for R.J. Finally, when R.J.'s teammate, O'Donnell, wins the position of starting quarterback over R.J., Dawn pushes O'Donnell down the stairs. Buffy is horrified to see what R.J. is doing to Dawn, particularly when she sees the two dancing at the Bronze, so she pulls R.J. aside at school to talk to him. Buffy is quickly charmed by the boy as well, and seduces him at school. Dawn is horrified to see her sister kissing her one true love, and when the rest of the Scooby gang find out, they realize that R.J. has some sort of love spell working for him. Willow and Anya work with Spike and Xander to figure out how to break the spell, but when R.J. stops by the Summers' home, Willow and Anya are quickly captivated as well. Spike and Xander have to stop Willow from casting a spell to make R.J. female, stop Buffy from killing Principal Wood, and stop Dawn from committing suicide. Spike and Xander also figure out that the spell comes from R.J.'s letterman's jacket, passed down through his family, so they steal it and burn it. At Buffy's request, Xander lets Spike move into his parents' basement with him. A vengeful D'Hoffryn is still sending demons after Anya. More...

#7 Conversations with Dead People: Aired Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Willow gets a mystic message from Tara that turns out to be concealing something evil. Dawn gets a cryptic message from her mother warning her that Buffy won't be there for her. Andrew and Jonathan come back to town to fight for good, but Andrew is actually plotting something evil with an old dead friend. Buffy is psychoanalyzed by a vampire and finds out that Spike is siring vamps. More...

#8 Sleeper: Aired Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Buffy tries to figure out if and how Spike has been killing again. Spike finally remembers what he's been doing. Dawn doesn't tell anyone about her ghostly mother's full warning. Giles gets involved in the international killings by the robed guys. More...

#9 Never Leave Me: Aired Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Under instructions from the shapeshifting evil thing, Andrew goes to the butcher to get more blood to put on the seal in the high school basement, since knifing Jonathan didn't seem to do the trick. There, he runs into Willow, who is getting blood for Spike, and she drags him back to the Summers home where Xander and Anya grill him for info. Principal Woodside finds Jonathan's body, removes it, and buries it elsewhere. Buffy tries to reach Giles, and when she can't, she calls the Watcher's Council. The Watcher's Council is pleased to learn that Buffy doesn't know what's going on, and give her no info on Giles. Spike goes crazy again and goes after Andrew. Buffy chains Spike in the basement, but the house is attacked by robed men and Spike is kidnapped. Buffy recognizes the robed men and realizes they're fighting the First Evil. The Watcher's Council realizes that the First Evil has declared war, so they declare war on it, but then they are blown up. The First Evil tells Spike that he should have taken care of Andrew. Spike is stabbed and then hung bleeding over the seal until an ancient vampire arises. More...

#10 Bring on the Night: Aired Tuesday, December 17, 2002

As Spike is being tortured by the First in Drusilla's form, Buffy and her friends struggle to learn something about this ancient source of all evil. Buffy struggles to stay awake, because when she falls asleep she dreams of her mother caring for her. Willow tries to locate the First with a spell, but becomes terrified when the evil of the First is channeled through her. The mystery around Principal Wood deepens. Giles shows up with three slayers in training from England, telling of how the First's Bringers have been killing slayers in training and their watchers all over the world, and the council was blown up. He says the First is trying to extinguish the whole slayer line. Buffy faces the Ubervamp and finds out it's unstakeable. She is only saved by sunlight. Giles explains that the Ubervamp is a Turok-Han, basically a neanderthal vampire, and even other vampires are scared of it. Buffy tries to go to work, but can't stay awake at her desk. The next evening, one of the slayers in training gets scared and runs for her life, only to be quickly extinguished by the Ubervamp. Buffy battles the Ubervamp again and almost dies. Buffy decides that she, her friends, and the slayers in training are now an army and are going to squish the First. Spike survives torture and temptation because he knows that Buffy believes in him. One of the slayers in training may be attracted to Willow.

#11 Showtime: Aired Tuesday, January 7, 2003

More potential slayers arrive in Sunnydale, and Buffy tries to protect them all. The girls grow more and more scared, and more and more doubtful of Buffy's abilities, particularly when one in their midst tries to tell them how they're all just going to die. Buffy and Xander realize that the naysayer is actually the First, masquerading as one of the potential slayers that died two days earlier. Giles and Anya consult an oracle-like being called Beljoxa's Eye, who explains that the First gained this opportunity for apocalypse due to Buffy's resurrection and the disruption of the Slayer line. Buffy, with help from Willow and Xander, designs a situation in which she fights the Ubervamp in an almost stadium-like arena, so that all the potential slayers can watch her triumph when she cuts off his head and he turns to dust like so many other vampires. Buffy promises the potential slayers that the fights ahead of them will be hard and painful, but they will triumph. Buffy rescues a tortured Spike.

#12 Potential: Aired Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Buffy, with help from Spike, begins serious training of the potential slayers now that the First has decided to go into hiding for awhile. While Buffy is out on patrol with the potentials, Willow does a spell to find another potential that might be in Sunnydale. Her spell seems to indicate that Dawn is a potential, and Dawn freaks out. Out walking to clear her head, Dawn runs into a fellow high school student, Amanda, who mentions that she was just attacked by a vampire at the high school. Dawn decides to go with Amanda to confront the vampire. Not only do they find the vampire, but they find Bringers, and Dawn realizes that it is Amanda who is the potential, not her. Buffy, Spike and Xander show up in time to help with the Bringers, but Amanda actually kills the vampire on her own. As Amanda joins the rest of the potentials, Xander sympathizes with Dawn about being around so many people with so much power, and not having any yourself. Buffy struggles with new feelings for Spike.

#13 The Killer in Me: Aired Tuesday, February 4, 2003

The gang starts to worry that Giles might actually be The First when he takes the potential slayers on a vision quest and word comes from England that Giles might actually be dead. Willow shares a kiss with Kennedy and turns into Warren. Spike's chip starts to malfunction, and he and Buffy turn to the Initiative for help. More...

#14 First Date: Aired Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Giles disapproves of Buffy's decision to have Spike's chip removed. Buffy goes on a dinner date with the mysterious Principal Wood and finds out that he's not only hot, but he is the son of a Slayer and was orphaned at the age of 4 and raised by his mother's Watcher. Xander goes on a date with a beautiful woman named Lissa, but as usual with Xander, Lissa turns out to be a demon and Buffy and Principal Wood have to come save him. Anya is jealous of Xander going out on a date. The First visits Andrew in Jonathan's form and tries to get the nerd to assassinate the potentials, but Andrew remains loyal to the good guys and tries to squeeze info out of the First instead. Giles, who finally explains how he escaped with his head in England, struggles to communicate with a new potential who speaks only Catonese and wonders why everyone is dating when disaster is about to strike. The First visits Principal Wood in the form of his dead mother and tells him that it was Spike that killed his mother.

#15 Get It Done: Aired Tuesday, February 18, 2003

After one of the potentials is convinced to commit suicide by the First, Buffy issues a challenge to everyone around her to step up their game. Robin Wood gives Buffy some of his mother's old things, and, through some Slayer relics, Buffy finds herself transported through a portal to the world of the creators of the original Slayer. Spike steps up his game and gets back to his violent roots, taking down the enormous demon that came through the portal through which Buffy disappeared. Buffy defies the creators when they offer her more power by violating her the way they violated the first Slayer. Willow steps up her game and harnesses strong magicks to bring Buffy back from the shadow world. Kennedy gets a taste of what Willow's power is really all about. Robin Wood tries to learn more about Spike and the possibility that Spike killed his mother.

#16 Storyteller: Aired Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Andrew decides to film what's going on at Slayer Central for posterity, but he drives Buffy nuts while he's doing it. Buffy and Robin find that the students at the high school are going insane, and it's all because of the mysterious seal in the basement. Through some research, Willow realizes that since Andrew was the first to start opening the seal, he might be able to close it. Buffy takes Andrew to the seal, and while Robin and Spike battle crazed high school students upstairs, Buffy threatens to spill Andrew's blood on the seal to close it for good. Andrew finally repents his evil ways and the murder of his best friend, and when his tears fall on the seal, the seal loses its power. Buffy admits she just threatened Andrew to get him to cry. Robin tries to stake Spike in the back while fighting by his side, but is distracted at the last minute. Xander and Anya fall into bed together one last time, and although they admit they still love each other, they realize they finally have closure. Kennedy starts to get close to Willow again after being scared off for a little while.

#17 Lies My Parents Told Me: Aired Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Giles returns with a mystical device that will determine if Spike is still under The First's control. The device shows that Spike's trigger is still active. Spike remembers that the trigger song is one that his mother used to sing to him, and remembers siring his own mother and then being horrified by her telling him that she never loved him. Giles thinks Buffy is being foolhardy keeping a dangerous Spike alive, and colludes with Robin to distract Buffy while Robin goes after Spike. While fighting off a vengeful Robin, Spike realizes that his mother did love him, and the cruel things she said to him as a vampire were just a demon talking. He also realizes that Robin not only wants revenge on his mother's killer, but feels like his mother never prioritized him over her "mission" as a Slayer. Buffy rejects Giles after figuring out that he was stalling her while Robin went after Spike, and she warns Robin not to try anything like that again. Willow gets a call from Fred in Los Angeles and leaves town for a couple days to take care of something.

#18 Dirty Girls: Aired Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Buffy makes peace with Robin who fires her and tells her to concentrate on preventing the apocalypse. Willow brings a mostly-reformed Faith back with her from Los Angeles. A mysterious priest named Caleb comes to town. Caleb, who is a disciple of The First, was the one who blew up the Council in England, and he controls the Bringers that hunt down the potentials. When Caleb sends a message to Buffy with a nearly dead potential, Buffy takes the challenge and leads her ragtag army into battle. Buffy and her gang are surprised when Caleb turns out to be unworldly strong and cruel. Caleb kills some of the potentials, injures many others, and blinds Xander in one eye. Buffy retreats.

#19 Empty Places: Aired Tuesday, April 29, 2003

As Buffy's gang reels from their encounter with Caleb, the residents of Sunnydale begin to evacuate, and those that stick around, like the Sunnydale police, start to feel the effects of the evil in town. Caleb finds Buffy at the closed Sunnydale high school, and gives her another good beating. Giles sends Spike and Andrew north to a monastary that Caleb once inhabited. A monk there shows them an inscription that infuriated Caleb: "It is not for thee, is for her alone to wield." Faith takes the girls out to the Bronze to blow off some steam, but the dancing and drinking ends in a brawl as cops arrive and try to beat the crap out of Faith. Buffy decides that they should go after Caleb again because he must be protecting something at the vineyard, but everyone around her decides they don't like her leadership anymore and turn to Faith for guidance.

#20 Touched: Aired Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Faith tries desperately to lead the girls while Buffy retreats morosely to an abandoned house. Faith comes up with the idea to kindap a Bringer and interrogate it, but what they learn only confirms the fact that Buffy was right, and they have to go back to the vineyard. Spike returns with news from the monastary, and runs to find Buffy when he realizes she's been ousted from her own house. Spike's words of wisdom and cuddling through the night give Buffy much needed strength. The First visits Faith in the form of The Mayor and tells her to beware of Buffy. Faith easily seduces Robin Wood while Kennedy finally gets a night alone with Willow. Anya and Xander find themselves sharing ice cream in the kitchen which turns to passion on the kitchen floor. Buffy goes back to Caleb's lair and dodges him artfully, finally sneaking into a trap door in the floor of the vineyard. Faith and the girls find Caleb's arsenal of weapons and battle a lot of Bringers, only to accidentally set off a huge ticking bomb. Buffy finds a mysterious weapon in a stone.

#21 End of Days: Aired Tuesday, May 13, 2003

After the explosion, the injured girls try to find a way out of the cavernous armory, but find themselves surrounded by Ubervamps. Luckily, Buffy saves them with her cool new scythe that she just pulled from solid rock. Anya and Andrew have a bonding moment over what it means to be human when they go to loot the hospital for medical supplies for the girls. Buffy and Spike finally admit their true feelings to each other. The First tells Caleb that his power is waning, so The First and Caleb merge again so that Caleb is reinfused with evil power. Buffy asks Xander to take Dawn and get out of Sunnydale, but Dawn stops Xander and turns the car around to go home. Willow and Giles research the scythe and send Buffy to an unconsecrated tomb for more info. There, Buffy meets the last of the Guardians, who forged the weapon. The Guardians have been around since the Shadow Men created the first Slayer and then became Watchers. Unfortunately, Caleb kills the last Guardian and battles it out with Buffy. Just when it looks like Buffy is done for, Angel steps in and saves her, although Buffy finishes off Caleb on her own. Buffy kisses Angel in her happiness to see him. Spike watches from the shadows and The First whispers in his ear.

#22 Chosen: Aired Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Buffy kisses Angel, but admits to him her feelings for Spike, which a slinking-away Spike misses. Angel gives Buffy a powerful amulet to be worn by one "ensouled," and Buffy immediately goes home and gives it to Spike. She and Spike talk about her encounter with Angel, and she tells him she sent Angel away. Buffy and Spike spend the night together. Buffy realizes they have to go into the Hellmouth and destroy what is there, rather than waiting for The First's army to come after them. Willow casts an incredibly powerful spell turning all potential Slayers into actual Slayers, and the gang of girls are suddenly serious opponents for the army of Ubervamps under the seal in the basement of the high school. While guarding for escaping Ubervamps and Bringers, Anya dies saving Andrew life. Spike's amulet activates itself and he goes up in flames as the amulet begins to destroy the Hellmouth... and all of Sunnydale. Buffy and her friends escape to the outskirts of town just in time to witness the whole city fall into a huge crater. They realize they've changed the world, now that there are Slayers everywhere.

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