5th Season

#1 Buffy vs. Dracula
#2 Real Me
#3 The Replacement
#4 Out of My Mind
#5 No Place Like Home
#6 Family
#7 Fool for Love
#8 Shadow
#9 Listening to Fear
#10 Into the Woods
#11 Triangle
#12 Checkpoint
#13 Blood Ties
#14 Crush
#15 I Was Made to Love You
#16 The Body
#17 Forever
#18 Intervention
#19 Tough Love
#20 Spiral
#21 The Weight of the World
#22 The Gift

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#1 Buffy vs. Dracula: Aired Tuesday, September 26, 2000

Dracula comes to town and puts Buffy and Xander under his spell. Just when Giles is thinking of returning to England, Buffy asks him to become her watcher again.

#2 Real Me: Aired Tuesday, October 3, 2000

Harmony gathers together her own gang of vampires to take down the slayer, and her plan involves kidnapping Buffy's younger sister. Giles becomes the new propietor of the town magic shop.

#3 The Replacement: Aired Tuesday, October 10, 2000

There are two Xanders.

#4 Out of My Mind: Aired Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Riley is still suffering after-effects from the Initiative, and when he goes into hiding Buffy asks Spike for help in finding him. Spike double-crosses her, and uses the opportunity to try to get the chip out of his head.

#5 No Place Like Home: Aired Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Buffy tries to figure out why her mother is sick, and instead discovers that her sister is really the key to a portal, and is being hunted by a very powerful being. Giles officially opens his store and hires Anya.

#6 Family: Aired Tuesday, November 7, 2000

Tara's family arrives to bring her home right before her 20th birthday when she is supposed to show her true face as a demon. Glory recruits a demon in a new plan to take down the Slayer, who moves back home to keep an eye on Dawn. A disgruntled Riley goes out drinking alone on the wrong side of town.

#7 Fool for Love: Aired Tuesday, November 14, 2000

In an effort to learn more about her weaknesses, Buffy forces Spike to recount how he was able to kill two slayers. His flashbacks reveal how he started hanging out with Drusilla, Angel and Darla, and more about his feelings for Buffy.

#8 Shadow: Aired Tuesday, November 21, 2000

While Buffy is distracted with her mother's now discovered brain tumor, Glory creates a huge cobra monster to help her find the key. Riley feels more and more useless to Buffy.

#9 Listening to Fear: Aired Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Joyce's brain tumor is affecting her personality and the Scoobies find out that a demon who kills off insane people has been summoned to earth from outer space. Riley fraternizes with vampires.

#10 Into the Woods: Aired Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Spike finds out about Riley's dirty little vampire secret and shows Buffy what she's been missing. Buffy and Riley have it out and he tells her that he's leaving for a military operation unless she asks him to stay. She decides she wants him to stay, but she's just a little too late.

#11 Triangle: Aired Tuesday, January 9, 2001

Buffy's post-Riley emotional turmoil is interrupted by a malevolent troll accidentally set loose on Sunnydale by Anya and Willow as a result of their bickering.

#12 Checkpoint: Aired Tuesday, January 23, 2001

The Watchers' Council wants to give Buffy a review before feeding her information about Glory. Glory is running out of time to get the key. Buffy finds a new enemy in the Knights of Byzantium. Buffy gets the Watchers' Council to fall in line with her.

#13 Blood Ties: Aired Tuesday, February 6, 2001

Dawn runs away on Buffy's 20th birthday after finding out that she is the Key, and the slayer and the Scooby gang must find her before Glory does. Glory discovers that the Knights of Byzantium, her competitors for the Key, are in town.

#14 Crush: Aired Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Buffy finally gets a clue from Dawn and realizes that Spike has a crush on her. Confronted by Buffy, Spike swallows his pride and professes his love, only to be rebuffed by the supremely creeped-out slayer. Angry and humiliated, a sulky Spike returns home to find Drusilla waiting for him. Spike and Drusilla team up again and nearly kill the slayer, but Spike's feelings for her get in the way.

#15 I Was Made to Love You: Aired Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Buffy is worried that she'll never find love again. Meanwhile, a single-minded robot named April comes to town looking for her boyfriend, Warren, who created her. April almost kills Warren's new human girlfriend, Katrina, but Buffy helps fight her off, and then finds herself comforting the lovesick android. Buffy realizes that she doesn't need a man to be happy, and cancels the coffee date she made with Ben. Glory, hearing the cancellation on the answering machine, wonders what Ben's up to. A love sick Spike, further rejected by Buffy and her friends, places an order with Warren for a Buffy-like robot. Just as Joyce is getting back into life and dating again, she suddenly passes away and Buffy finds her lifeless body on the living room couch.

#16 The Body: Aired Tuesday, February 27, 2001

The discovery of her mother's lifeless body leaves Buffy reeling from shock and fully unprepared to deal with the aftereffects. The Scooby gang, each of them grieving in their own way, comes together to help Buffy and Dawn. The doctor tells Buffy that her mother died of a brain aneurysm that was a side-effect of the tumor surgery. Tara reveals that her own mother died when she was 17.

#17 Forever: Aired Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Buffy does everything necessary for Joyce's funeral. The Scooby gang continues to grieve, each in their own way. Anya learns more about life and death and what it means to be human. Buffy is comforted by a visit from Angel. Dawn turns to Willow and Tara for help with a spell to bring her mother back to life. When they won't help her, she steals a book and some spell ingredients from the magic shop. Spike finds Dawn in the cemetary at her mother's grave and introduces her to a mysterious man named Doc who tells Dawn what she needs to do. Spike helps her steal a necessary demon egg, and Dawn performs the spell. Buffy gets wind of it and tells Dawn that what she's doing is wrong, and what they'll get back won't necessarily be their mother. Dawn lashes out at Buffy, saying the Buffy doesn't even seem to be grieving. Buffy finally lets her guard down and shares her pain with Dawn. Just before the corpse of their mother reaches the front door of their house, Dawn comes to her senses and rips up the picture of her mother used in the spell, breaking it, and sending their mother back to the grave. Ben lets it slip to Glory's minion Jinx that the key is in human form.

#18 Intervention: Aired Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Buffy is concerned that slaying is making her cold and incapable of love. Giles suggests a special slayer retreat to the desert. While in the desert, Buffy talks to the first slayer, who tells her that she's full of love and death is her gift. Glory sends her minions out to look for the key in human form, someone close to Buffy who is new in the slayer's life. Spike gets his Buffy robot that he ordered and has lots of sex with it. Buffy-bot follows her programming and goes out to slay. Xander runs into Buffy-bot and thinks Buffy is acting strangely. Xander knows something is wrong when he spots the Buffy-bot riding Spike. Glory's minions see how the Buffy-bot protects Spike and kidnaps the unlucky vampire, thinking he's the key. Glory quickly realizes Spike isn't the key, but then tortures him to get him to tell her who is. The real Buffy comes back and along with the gang and the robot, goes to make sure that Spike doesn't tell Glory anything. They end up rescuing Spike, and the robot gets fried. Buffy impersonates the robot to find out the truth from Spike, whether or not he told Glory anything. Buffy tells Spike she's grateful when he realizes that he almost got himself killed protecting Dawn's secret.

#19 Tough Love: Aired Tuesday, May 1, 2001

Buffy drops out of college to take care of Dawn and finds out that Dawn hasn't been going to school herself. Dawn's principal warns Buffy that if Buffy can't make Dawn attend school, she may not be awarded custody of her little sister. Ben is fired from his job and finds out that he hasn't been there in two weeks. Glory takes over Ben's body and continues to hunt for the key. Just after Tara and Willow have their first argument, Glory ambushes Tara. Quickly figuring out that the young witch isn't the key, Glory sucks Tara's brain instead, leaving her insane. Willow, against Buffy's advice, goes after Glory in revenge. Although Willow has become a strong witch, she is no match for Glory, and Buffy has to rescue her. Willow vows to care for Tara, even if Tara never recovers. Dawn fears that she must be evil since she only brings hurt to those around her. Dawn, Buffy, Tara and Willow are having dinner together when Glory busts in through the wall. Insane Tara babbles about the beautiful green energy coming from Dawn and Glory zeroes in on the Key.

#20 Spiral: Aired Tuesday, May 8, 2001

Buffy, Dawn, Willow and Tara get away from Glory with some help from Ben taking back his body, although they don't know it. Buffy decides to take the gang in Spike's RV and run from Glory. While on the road, they are attacked by the Knights of Byzantium, who have recovered their brain-sucked member and found out that Dawn is the Key. The gang takes refuge in an old broken-down gas station with a seriously wounded Giles and the General of the Knights whom they've captured. Protected by a magic barrier that Willow puts up, they convince the honorable knights to let Ben in to treat Giles. Meanwhile, the General tells them of the Beast and how she was banished from her dimenion and imprisoned in the body of a human male. The General explains that the Beast wants the Key to get back to her own dimension, but the Key will also destroy the barriers between all other dimensions, bringing chaos. The General secretly encourages Ben to prevent death and chaos and kill Dawn. Ben considers it, but can't take a life. Glory reemerges from Ben, kills the General, grabs Dawn, and takes off, killing all the Knights in the process. Buffy goes into a horrified stupor.

#21 The Weight of the World: Aired Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Glory has Dawn, and Buffy is in a stupor, so Willow takes charge. Glory is frustrated when she starts having emotions like empathy and guilt, and then she realizes that she's starting to have some of Ben's memories. The barrier between Ben and Glory is breaking down. Ben tries to help Dawn escape, but Glory talks him out of it, telling him that if he helps her, she'll make him immortal. Meanwhile, Willow uses a spell to make a psychic connection to comatose Buffy and figures out what's going on in her head. Buffy is feeling like it's her fault for killing her sister, that she didn't try hard enough and that's why Dawn's death was Buffy's gift. Willow reminds Buffy that Dawn isn't dead yet and gets the Slayer to snap out of it. Spike and Xander battle Doc, who is a worshipper of Glorificus, and get more info on the Beast. Giles interprets the info and explains that the Key is used by bleeding it, and the only way to stop Glory is to kill Dawn.

#22 The Gift: Aired Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Buffy and the Scoobies realize that their only hope is to distract Glory long enough to make her miss her opportunity to use the key. Giles reluctantly proposes that another solution might be to kill Dawn, but Buffy refuses to consider it. Meanwhile, Willow thinks she's figured out a way to get Tara's brain back from Glory. In the midst of everyone's fear of the end of the world, Xander proposes marriage to Anya and she happily accepts. The gang attacks Glory moments before she uses the key. Willow steals Tara's mind back and weakens Glory for a little while, giving Buffy (with some help from the Buffy-bot) the upper hand. Buffy keeps Glory distracted while the rest of the gang fights her minions. The mysterious Doc appears and decides that since Glory is busy, he'll have to do the bleeding himself. Glory realizes she's lost her opportunity and turns back into Ben. Buffy can't kill an innocent human, but Giles can. While Giles is disposing of Ben, Buffy goes to save Dawn. She gets rid of Doc, but the bleeding has begun. Dawn says she has to sacrifice herself to stop the end of the world, but Buffy realizes that her own Summers blood will also do the trick. The apocalypse is narrowly averted, but Buffy is dead. Her tombstone reads, "Beloved sister, devoted friend. She saved the world. A lot."

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