3rd Season

#1 Anne
#2 Dead Man's Party
#3 Faith, Hope and Trick
#4 Beauty and the Beasts
#5 Homecoming
#6 Band Candy
#7 Revelations
#8 Lover's Walk
#9 The Wish
#10 Amends
#11 Gingerbread
#12 Helpless
#13 The Zeppo
#14 Bad Girls
#15 Consequences
#16 Doppelgangland
#17 Enemies
#18 Choices
#19 The Prom
#20 Graduation Day 1
#21 Graduation Day 2
#22 Earshot

Co-producer Marti Noxon, Co-producer David Solomon, Producer Gareth Davies, Executive producers Sandy Gallin, Gail Berman, Executive producers Fran Rubel Kuzui, Kaz Kuzui, Executive producer David Greenwalt
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#1 Anne: Aired Tuesday, September 29, 1998

It turns out Oz never graduated and spends senior year with the rest of the gang at Sunnydale High. Xander and Cordelia have a little trouble picking up where they left off. Xander, Willow and Oz and have spent the summer trying to fight vampires without Buffy. Giles keeps looking for Buffy. Joyce blames Giles for who Buffy is. Buffy, going by the name Anne, is a waitress far away in a neighborhood full of teenage runaways. Buffy discovers demons kidnapping runaways to a different dimension where time moves more quickly. The kidnapped runaways live out their lives in a labor camp and end up back on the streets a few days later as old men and women, confused and dying. Buffy destroys the demons and the labor camp, and gives her job and apartment to another lost soul. Buffy's mother is thrilled when Buffy finally returns home.

#2 Dead Man's Party: Aired Tuesday, October 6, 1998

Buffy is back, and is awkwardly trying to mend friendships and her relationship with her mother. An intimate welcome-home dinner becomes transformed into a drunken party with a band, just in time to be invaded by zombies attracted by a primitive mask that Joyce has hung in her bedroom as art. Although Buffy was in the middle of a huge fight with her mother and friends, they all band together to fight the zombies, and by the time the triumph all is forgiven.

#3 Faith, Hope and Trick: Aired Tuesday, October 13, 1998

Giles concocts a way to get Buffy to finally talk about when she killed Angel. An ancient vampire, Kakistos, and his modern and flashy vampire sidekick Mr. Trick, arrive in Sunnydale. Another Slayer arrives in Sunnydale, Faith, who comes to meet Buffy while her Watcher is on retreat. Buffy feels invaded by the crass and flashy new Slayer. Scott, a Sunnydale High student, starts pursuing Buffy, trying to get her to go out with him. Although Buffy is charmed, she's hesitant to start dating again. Buffy and Giles figure out that Faith's Watcher is actually dead, and was killed in front of Faith by Kakistos. Faith and Buffy end up fighting Kakistos, and while Faith is almost paralyzed by fear, with encouragement from Buffy she takes down the ancient demon. Mr. Trick gets away. Giles is left temporarily in charge of Faith as well. Buffy agrees to go out with Scott and bids Angel farewell, leaving his ring where she killed him. After Buffy has left, a naked and tortured Angel suddenly falls from the sky.

#4 Beauty and the Beasts: Aired Tuesday, October 20, 1998

It's a full-moon, and some vicious monster is tearing up people around town. Although the gang has been keeping him under lock and key after sundown, they're afraid it might be Oz who is killing people off. While Buffy is out patrolling, she runs across a half-naked Angel, who attacks her and growls like a monster. She is stunned, but takes him back to his manse and chains him to the wall until she can figure out what to do with him. Meanwhile, Buffy is still dating Scott and hanging out with him and his friends, Pete and Debbie. It turns out that Pete is the monster who has been tearing up the town. He was using a secret formula to Jekyll/Hyde himself so that he would be "man enough" for Debbie, and now keeps turning into a monster whenever he gets angry. Pete goes after Oz after thinking Oz was hitting on Debbie, and Oz turns into a werewolf just in time to defend himself. Buffy and Pete go at it, and animal Angel busts in just in time to help Buffy out. After destroying Pete, Angel turns to Buffy, and she's not sure what to expect, but he just says her name and collapses at her feet. She takes him home, and still doesn't tell any of her friends that he's back.

#5 Homecoming: Aired Tuesday, November 3, 1998

Buffy decides to challenge Cordelia in the race for Homecoming Queen to reassure herself that she's good for something more than just slaying. Mr. Trick assembles a group of nasties to bring down the two Slayers and calls it Slayerfest '98. When Buffy and Cordelia's friends send them to Homecoming dance together in a limo to get over their differences, Cordelia is mistaken for Faith and Slayerfest '98 is on. Cordelia and Buffy manage to survive Slayerfest '98, renew their friendship, and both lose Homecoming Queen. The Mayor introduces himself to Mr. Trick. Willow and Xander are horrified when they find themselves attracted to each other even though they're both happily in relationships.

#6 Band Candy: Aired Tuesday, November 10, 1998

To help the Mayor pay a tribute to a demon, Mr. Trick hires Ethan Rayne to distribute candy throughout Sunnydale that, when eaten, turns adults into hormonal unreasonable teenagers. Buffy and her friend quickly realize something is amiss when their teachers and parents start acting strangely, and Buffy is horrified to find her mother and Giles making out. Buffy tracks the chocolate to the source, and with help from her friends figures out that Mr. Trick kidnapped a bunch of babies from the maternity ward of the hospital to offer to the Mayor's demon. Buffy saves the babies and kills the demon, but Mr. Trick lives to fight another day. Buffy continues to keep Angel's return a secret. Sexual tension, and the associated guilt, grows between Willow and Xander.

#7 Revelations: Aired Tuesday, November 17, 1998

Faith's new Watcher shows up, Gwen, who is even more British and more anal than Giles. Gwen tells everyone that a demon is after a powerful glove and they have to find it before he does. Xander spots Buffy and Angel kissing, and Buffy's secret about Angel being alive is out. Her friends stage an intervention to get Buffy to give up Angel, but she fights them on it. Angel gets the glove that everyone is looking for, and when Gwen finds out about it she whacks Giles and goes after Angel. Faith and Xander find an unconscious Giles and Faith goes after Angel. Buffy stops Faith from killing Angel, but then Gwen gets the glove and it turns out she's evil. Buffy gets the glove off Gwen, which kills the fake Watcher, and destroys it. Faith is reminded how she can't trust anyone. After Angel saves Willow's life, everyone realizes that he really is good again. Willow and Xander continue to fight their attraction to each other.

#8 Lover's Walk: Aired Tuesday, November 24, 1998

Willow and Xander are still having trouble with their feelings for each other, so Willow decides to try a spell to de-lustify them. Spike comes back to town, miserable since Drusilla left him, and kidnaps Xander and Willow to convince Willow to do a love spell to make Drusilla love him again. Cordelia and Oz realize Xander and Willow are missing and tell Buffy. Buffy and Angel find Spike and Spike gets them to help him get Willow's necessary ingredients for spell, threatening Buffy with never seeing her friends again. Spike laughs at Buffy and Angel trying to be "just friends." Spike, Buffy and Angel end up fighting some of Spike's old minions who have turned on him, and after the fight Spike feels re-energized and decides he doesn't need a love spell, he just needs to be the awful man that Dru fell in love with. He tells Buffy where her friends are and leaves town. Due to Oz's good nose, Oz and Cordelia find Willow and Xander locked in the basement of the factory, however Willow and Xander were just at that moment sharing a romantic kiss in fear for their lives. Cordelia, in horror, runs back up the basement stairs, but falls through the old stairs and lands on a piece of metal that punctures her mid-section. Cordelia barely survives and ends up in the hospital. Cordelia won't talk to Xander and Oz won't talk to Willow. Both Xander and Willow feel awful. Buffy tells Angel they can't see each other anymore because they can't kid themselves that they're just friends.

#9 The Wish: Aired Tuesday, December 8, 1998

Cordelia, a woman scorned, wishes that Buffy had never come to Sunnydale and POOF! The Hellmouth is open, the Master is alive and kicking butt, and Xander and Willow are by his side.

#10 Amends: Aired Tuesday, December 15, 1998

It's Christmas break and Sunnydale is unusually warm for the season. Angel finds himself haunted by the people he killed when he was evil, including Jenny Calendar. He is led to believe that he was brought back from the hell dimension to do more evil, and the ghosts haunting him tell him that to get relief from the guilt, he should find happiness with Buffy again and lose his soul. Angel finds himself tempted, and decides to let himself be burned by the sun when it rises instead. Buffy finds out that the ghosts are really the incarnation of evil, trying to tempt Angel back to the dark side. She gets rid of the evil and then tells Angel that they can fight his dark urges together. Angel is only swayed when the sun stays behind clouds that start to drop snow on Christmas Day in Southern California. Cordelia is cold to Xander. Willow and Oz try to mend their relationship, and Willow offers Oz her virginity as a symbol of her devotion but Oz says he's not ready for that yet. Faith joins Buffy and her mother for Christmas.

#11 Gingerbread: Aired Tuesday, January 12, 1999

After two young children are found dead in the park, Buffy's mother, Joyce, leads a town rally to find their killers. Buffy, Willow, and Amy Madison are horrified when the rally turns into a witch-hunt, and the three girls are tied to stakes and set on fire. Amy turns herself into a rat to escape. Giles realizes that this is the work of demons who feed off of people destroying eachother, and reveals the demon just in time to save the girls. Willow is unable to turn Amy the rat back into a human.

#12 Helpless: Aired Tuesday, January 19, 1999

On her 18th birthday, Buffy is upset when her dad flakes out on their annual trip to the ice show, but her dismay is quickly overshadowed by the mysterious disappearance of her Slayer powers. It turns out that Giles has been secretly medicating Buffy, preparing her for the test all slayers undergo on their 18th birthday, where they are locked in a dungeon with a vampire without their powers, and must rely on their intelligence and cunning. Unfortunately, the chosen vampire, who when human was an insane mass-murderer, kills its handlers and gets loose. Giles saves Buffy just before she is killed by the vampire and explains to her what's going on. Meanwhile, the insane vampire kidnaps Buffy's mom, and Buffy has to undergo the test anyway to save her. After a long drawn-out fight, Buffy gets the better of the vamp by spiking his medication with holy water. The Watchers' Council congratulates Buffy on passing the test, but fires Giles as her Watcher because he's obviously come to care for her too much to still make objective decisions about her.

#13 The Zeppo: Aired Tuesday, January 26, 1999

Xander goes on a quest to become cool and gets a slick car. Giles and Buffy figure out that another apocalypse is on its way and the hellmouth is going to open. The whole gang figures Xander will be safer if he doesn't get involved, but Xander finds himself suddenly the "wheel man" for a gang of undead bad boys. Xander ditches his new gang and rescues Faith from a battle with a particularly nasty demon. Without the kill to release her pent-up energy, Faith decides to use Xander as a sex toy instead, and then kicks him out of her room when she's done with him. Xander realizes his old gang is going to blow something up, so he kidnaps one of them and finds out that that bomb is in the boiler room of the high school. While Buffy, Faith, Angel, Willow, and Giles are fighting a huge multi-headed monster coming out of the hellmouth in the library, Xander battles the undead and finally wins a game of chicken, getting the leader of the gang to defuse the bomb or be blown up. While the rest of the gang is marvelling that they once again saved the world and no one will ever know, Xander marvels at his own unusual night and revels in his new self-confidence.

#14 Bad Girls: Aired Tuesday, February 9, 1999

Wesley, the stuffy new Watcher, arrives and tries to take over managing both Buffy and Faith. A demon, Belthazor, that everyone thought was dead is in town and sends his vampire minions after his amulet, the source of his power. Faith tries to get Buffy to enjoy slaying, rather than just doing it as a job. Buffy pulls away from Willow and Xander and explores her wild side with Faith. Buffy and Faith get the amulet and Angel hides it away safely. Belthazor kidnaps Giles and Wesley in attempt to get his amulet. While fighting off Belthazor's minions, Faith, with Buffy, accidentally kills the deputy mayor, thinking that he is a vampire. Buffy tries to get Faith to come clean, but instead Faith weights and dumps the body. Wesley learns that he can't plan everything when Angel and Buffy rescue him and Giles from Belthazor's clutches. With his dying breath, Belthazor warns Buffy that someone else will be rising, and when he does, she'll wish she were dead. The Mayor makes himself invincible so that during the 100 days to his acension nothing can harm him.

#15 Consequences: Aired Tuesday, February 16, 1999

Buffy's conscience gnaws at her as the investigation into who killed the deputy mayor kicks into high gear. She finally goes to confess to Giles but Faith has beat her to it and told Giles that Buffy did the deed. Giles doesn't actually believe Faith, and with help from Angel Buffy tries to give Faith the counseling she needs. By-the-rules Wesley kidnaps Faith from Angel's custody and tries to take her back to the Watchers in Britain to be judged, but Faith escapes. Buffy goes after Faith and they end up fighting Mr. Trick. Faith kills Mr. Trick just as he's about to kill Buffy, which gives Buffy hope that Faith might not be totally gone to the dark side. Faith goes to the mayor to take over Mr. Trick's job.

#16 Doppelgangland: Aired Tuesday, February 23, 1999

Willow is becoming more and more unhappy in her own skin when she realizes that everyone thinks she's the boring, reliable one and she's easy to push around. The final straw comes when Principal Snyder forces her into helping a dumb jock with his homework, which really means doing it for him. The Wish demon Anyanka, now a human and a senior at Sunnydale High by the name of Anya, asks Willow for help with a spell to find her necklace, and Willow is only too happy to help. During the spell, something goes wrong and Willow has flashes to what Sunnydale was like when Cordelia wished that Buffy had never come here. The vampire Willow from that reality is magically brought into this reality, and immediately forms a vampire gang and takes the Bronze hostage. Anya realizes what happened and tells the vampire Willow that she needs to find the real Willow so that she can go back to her own world. Once Buffy and the gang figure out what's going on, they capture vampire Willow and send real Willow into the Bronze in the vampy clothing to try to defuse the situation. Meanwhile, vampire Willow tricks Cordelia into letting her out of the book cage where she's being held and almost eats her, except that Cordelia is saved by a bumbling Wesley. Eventually, Buffy and the gang storm the Bronze and save everyone, and Willow keeps Buffy from staking her vampire self. Willow, Anya and Giles perform a spell to send vampire Willow back to her own reality where she is quickly staked anyway.

#17 Enemies: Aired Tuesday, March 16, 1999

Buffy, Angel and Giles concoct an elaborate ruse to get information out of Faith when they suspect she's working with the Mayor. Angel pretends to lose his soul and teams up with Faith to torture Buffy. Buffy and Angel learn as much as they can from Faith about the Mayor's Acension which will be on Sunnydale High's graduation day. Cordelia continues to moon over Wesley. After watching Angel act evil, Buffy decides they need to take a break as a couple.

#18 Choices: Aired Tuesday, May 4, 1999

In an effort to give herself the opportunity to leave Sunnydale for college, Buffy decides to ruin the Mayor's plans rather than wait for him to start the ascension. She gets an important box that the Mayor needs, but has to trade it back to him when Willow is captured by Faith. During her capture, Willow gets some pages from the books of ascension. Willow decides to go to college in Sunnydale to stay with Buffy and fight evil. Cordelia is working in a dress shop.

#19 The Prom: Aired Tuesday, May 11, 1999

Angel tells Buffy he'll be leaving her after the ascension. The gang discover a plot by a fellow student to unleash hellhounds on the prom. Buffy makes it her mission to make sure everyone has a wonderful prom. Xander buys a dress for the recently broke Cordelia, but she ends up dancing with Wesley while Xander somehow ends up with the demon Anya as his date. The class of '99 give a protector award to Buffy. Angel shows up for a last dance at the prom.

#20 Graduation Day 1: Aired Tuesday, May 18, 1999

Everyone prepares for graduation. Anya tells the gang about the last ascension she witnessed, and then asks Xander to run away with her. Willow and Oz make love for the first time. Faith poisons Angel at the Mayor's request, and the Watcher's Council refuses to help, so Buffy says she won't work for them anymore. The gang figures out that the only cure is if Angel drains a slayer's blood, so Buffy goes after Faith. Although Buffy succeeds in killing Faith, she is unable to bring the body back for Angel because Faith falls into a departing truck.

#21 Graduation Day 2: Aired Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Wesley and Cordelia make a try at passion, but find out it's not really there. Buffy decides to save Angel by letting him drink from her, and ends up in the hospital room next to Faith. The Mayor is there, enraged by what Buffy did to his own personal slayer. In a dream, Faith tells Buffy to use The Mayor's weakness against him. At graudation, with all the students armed and ready, Buffy uses Faith's knife to lead the Mayor's ascended form into the library and blows him up. Everyone survives...both the ascension and high-school.

#22 Earshot: Aired Tuesday, September 21, 1999

When Buffy kills a mind-reading demon, she gets his mind-reading powers, and overhears someone planning to kill all the high school students shortly before she starts to lose her mind. Angel kills the second mind-reading demon to get its heart to cure Buffy, while Willow, Oz, Xander, and Cordelia try to find the plotting murderer. They think they've discovered the lonely student who is up in a tower with a gun, but he was actually there to commit suicide. At the last minute, Xander sees the lunch lady putting rat poison in the lunch.

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