4th Season

#1 The Freshman
#2 Living Conditions
#3 The Harsh Light of Day
#4 Fear, Itself
#5 Beer Bad
#6 Wild at Heart
#7 The Initiative
#8 Pangs
#9 Something Blue
#10 Hush
#11 Doomed
#12 A New Man
#13 The I in Team
#14 Goodbye Iowa
#15 This Year's Girl
#16 Who Are You
#17 Superstar
#18 Where the Wild Things Are
#19 New Moon Rising
#20 The Yoko Factor
#21 Primeval
#22 Restless

Executive producer Joss Whedon

Co-producer Jane Espenson, Co-producer David Solomon, Producer David Fury, Produced by Gareth Davies, Consulting producer David Greenwalt, Supervising producer Marti Noxon, Executive producers Sandy Gallin, Gail Berman, Executive producers Fran Rubel Kuzui, Kaz Kuzui
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#1 The Freshman: Aired Tuesday, October 5, 1999

Buffy feels lost and alone at college, particularly after an attitude-filled vampire kicks her butt in a fight. Xander comes back from his stunted road-trip just in time to lift her spirits and gather the forces to fight new college vampires hiding out at an old fraternity house.

#2 Living Conditions: Aired Tuesday, October 12, 1999

It turns out that Buffy's roommate Kathy is actually a demon from another dimension, and everyone thinks Buffy's going crazy when Kathy starts stealing her soul so that she doesn't have to go back to her own dimension. Buffy meets a cute upperclassman named Parker.

#3 The Harsh Light of Day: Aired Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Buffy sleeps with Parker who seems really sweet, but then he blows her off. Spike returns to Sunnydale to find a gem that will make him invincible. He's dating Harmony, but treats her horribly. Buffy fights him, gets the gem, and instead of destroying it, has Oz take it to L.A. for Angel. Anya returns because she can't stop thinking about Xander. She sleeps with Xander to try to get him out of her mind, then tries to convince herself that she's over him. When she comes back to tell him that she misses him, he blows her off to help Buffy.

#4 Fear, Itself: Aired Tuesday, October 26, 1998

The gang goes to a fraternity Hallowe'en party that gets out of control when the haunted house becomes real. Buffy is depressed about Parker, but Riley cheers her up a little. Anya and Xander decide to try dating.

#5 Beer Bad: Aired Tuesday, November 2, 1998

Buffy is upset about Parker and goes to the local college pub where Xander is now bartending. She meets up with four friendly guys and gets wasted on Black Frost beer. The next morning, she's quite a bit worse for wear, and can't seem to control her basic urges, speaking out of turn in class and stealing someone's sandwich. The next evening, Willow decides to give Parker a piece of her mind, and Buffy goes back to drink with her friends. She goes home, her friends revert to a cave-man state, and Xander realizes that the pub owner has spiked the beer with a little something he got from his warlock brother-in-law... that should wear off in a couple of days. Xander and Giles go to find Buffy, the four cave men knock out Willow and Parker, who was busy hitting on Willow, and accidently start a fire. Buffy saves the day, including Parker, who tries to thank her but just gets hit over the head with a stick. Oz becomes more and more distracted by Veruca.

#6 Wild at Heart: Aired Tuesday, November 9, 1998

Spike is captured by the strange masked figures lurking around campus. Oz is attracted to a fellow musician named Veruca, and Willow notices, but Buffy reminds her that Oz is the faithful type. It's Oz's "time of the month," but although he's locked in a cage when he turns into a werewolf, he escapes and finds another of his kind. When he wakes up, Veruca is next to him. Veruca tells him he's wasting his wolf, and tries to seduce him in human form, but he runs. Willow knows something is up, but can't ask Oz about it. Buffy hears that two wild dogs were out, and asks Oz about it, who denies any knowledge. Oz gets Veruca to join him in his cage that night, and Willow finds them together in the morning. Willow is upset, Oz tries to explain, Willow goes and tells Buffy. Buffy goes to find Oz to hunt Veruca while Willow decides to cast a spell on Oz. She can't go through with it, and then Veruca comes after Willow. Buffy is held up by running into one of the military-geared masked guys. Oz stops Veruca from attacking Willow, the sun sets, and Oz and Veruca fight as wolves. Oz kills Veruca, and then goes after Willow. Buffy stops him just in time. Oz decides the wolf in him is too much to deal with, and leaves town, leaving Willow in tears.

#7 The Initiative: Aired Tuesday, November 16, 1998

Spike is captured by the Initiative, those commando guys that have been running around. He escapes, and thinks that somehow it was all Buffy's fault, so he goes after Buffy. Willow is depressed because Oz is gone. Riley, the TA, suddenly realizes he has a crush on Buffy, and gets Willow to help him get to know Buffy. Meanwhile, it turns out that Riley and Maggie Walsh, the professor, are both part of the Initiative. Spike finds Willow instead of Buffy, and tries to bite her, but he can't because it causes him incredible pain (due to an implant the Initiative put in). Riley and his men come to recapture Spike, but Buffy gets in the way and Spike gets away.

#8 Pangs: Aired Tuesday, November 23, 1998

Angel is in town after his friend has a vision that Buffy is in trouble, but he doesn't want Buffy to know he's there. Buffy, Giles, Xander, Anya, and Willow prepare Thanksgiving at Giles's house. Meanwhile, an old American Indian mission is uncovered on the college campus, and vengeful Chumash Indian spirits come out to take revenge on just about anyone for the wrongs done to their people. Spike, who still can't bite or harm anyone, shows up at Giles's house willing to trade information about the Initiative for blood. The Chumash lay seige to Giles's house, but the gang fights back, and when Buffy finds out that the spirits can be vanquished by their own weapons, they defeat the Chumash. Xander lets it slip during dinner that Angel was in town.

#9 Something Blue: Aired Tuesday, November 30, 1998

Willow decides to cast a spell to get over the pain of losing Oz. It goes totally awry, and Buffy and Spike get engaged, Giles loses his sight and Xander becomes a demon-magnet. Meanwhile, Willow is kidnapped by D'Hoffryn (the same demon that originally created Anya) who wants to make Willow into another vengeance demon. Buffy gains a new appreciation for Riley after being, albeit magically, in love with another bad boy.

#10 Hush: Aired Tuesday, December 14, 1998

Demons from a children's fairy tale come to town, steal everyone's voice, and then go about collecting seven human hearts. Buffy and Riley share their first kiss, and then find themselves fighting side-by-side against the heart-harvesting demons. Anya is reassured about Xander's feelings for her. Giles's lady-friend Olivia is scared by the demons that before she only heard stories about. Willow finds a new witchy friend with whom her power is much stronger.

#11 Doomed: Aired Tuesday, January 18, 2000

Spike is depressed with his own patheticness, and attempts suicide, but he suddenly finds a new zest for life and for fighting evil when he realizes he has the ability to inflict harm on demons without causing himself pain. Buffy decides that she can't possibly date Riley after finding out that he is part of the Iniative, but eventually gives into his feeling that they would make a great couple. Xander, Willow and Spike find out about Riley being in the Initiative when he helps Buffy keep three demons from re-opening the hell mouth under the Sunnydale High library.

#12 A New Man: Aired Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Buffy is happy in her new relationship with Riley. Giles's old friend, Ethan Rayne, shows up and turns Giles into a demon.

#13 The I in Team: Aired Tuesday, February 8, 2000

Buffy gets more and more involved in the Initiative until Professor Walsh tries to dispose of her.

#14 Goodbye Iowa: Aired Tuesday, February 15, 2000

In the wake of Maggie's death, her creation runs wild, and the Initiative suffers from lack of secret medication. Buffy and the gang hide from the Initiative, and Riley has trouble telling right from wrong.

#15 This Year's Girl: Aired Tuesday, February 22, 2000

While Buffy is trying to figure out how to fight Maggie's creation, Adam, rogue slayer Faith awakens from her coma hungry for revenge against her rival.

#16 Who Are You: Aired Tuesday, February 29, 2000

Faith, using Buffy's body, insinuates herself into Buffy's life, while Buffy is kidnapped by operatives of the Watcher's Council. Adam begins mobilizing the forces of evil.

#17 Superstar: Aired Tuesday, April 4, 2000

Jonathan, the guy up in the bell-tower with the rifle last season, has created an alternate reality in which he is a superstar, good at everything and known to everyone. He's even better at vampire slaying than Buffy. However, when a mysterious monster comes to town that Jonathan can't defeat for some reason, Buffy starts to figure out that something is wrong in this world, and that perhaps Jonathan isn't supposed to be who he is.

#18 Where the Wild Things Are: Aired Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Riley's frat house has a party. However, Riley and Buffy's increased sexual activities result in unleashing the lustful and angry energy of all the kids who once lived in the house and were forced to repress their "dirtiness" by the strict Christian woman who took care of them there. Anya and Xander fight. Xander flirts with a girl at the party, and Anya flirts with Spike. Giles plays "The Who" on the acoustic guitar at a night club, and he's wearing an earring.

#19 New Moon Rising: Aired Tuesday, May 2, 2000

Oz returns to Sunnydale claiming he still loves Willow and has his wolfiness under control. Willow realizes she has to come to terms with her feelings for Tara. Oz is captured by the Initiative in wolf form and tortured with experiments, which causes Riley to leave the Initiative. Oz leaves again. Adam teams up with Spike, and Spike infiltrates himself into the Scooby gang.

#20 The Yoko Factor: Aired Tuesday, May 9, 2000

Adam decides to advance his plans for humanity's demise, and Spike turns the Scooby gang against one another without their suspecting it. Riley spars with Angel during a surprise visit to Sunnydale.

#21 Primeval: Aired Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Buffy and her friends band together in the ultimate battle with Adam which finally ends the existence of the Initiative and deadly project 314.

#22 Restless: Aired Tuesday, May 23, 2000

After their adventures in destroying Adam, the Scooby gang is all wired up and goes to Buffy's mom's house to watch movies. However, they all immediately fall asleep and start having strange dreams in which they are terrorized by a primitive demon. It turns out that their demon is actually the spirit of the first slayer, raised and angered by their summoning the power of the slayer to defeat Adam. Buffy saves her friends from their death dreams by simply ignoring the spirit.

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